Why I converted (in brief)

As a convert from Protestantism, I would like to take this opportunity to explain why I converted to Catholicism.

My conscious spiritual walk with Christ began when i was about 6 years old, i discovered a pocket bible ~to this day i don’t know how it came to be in our house, and neither do i know to where it subsequently disappeared~and i recall, lying on the hearth rug, in front of the fire, and reading the opening chapter of Genesis over and over, i was mesmerised…and i even memorised the first few verses.

I grew up in a non Christian household, with an agnostic/atheist Father and a non- practicing Christian Mother. There was minimal Christian influence in the household in the form of religious instruction, but my brother and i were well drilled in the area of morals…My family home life was relaxed and it was a loving, secure and happy home. But for me there was something missing. There was always something missing…i never quite felt complete.

From the earliest of times, I knew that God existed and I prayed quite earnestly as a child, perhaps more so than as an adult! When my Grandma died I prayed to God in anger, i would sleep with a photo of her beneath my pillow and ‘tell Him off’ for taking her away from me… i recall believing at the time, that she meant far more to me than she ever could to God. How little i knew…

As i grew up, different opportunity’s presented themselves to me and i dabbled in this church and that cult, this denomination and that non-denomination…and STILL there was something missing. At last when i hit my thirtieth year, i thought that maybe i had found where God wanted me to be, when i found myself living next to an Anglican Church! Hoorah, i thought!…but even then, it just didn’t feel right for me…I have an enquiring mind, and the more that i read about the roots of Christianity, the more i was convinced that the Anglican church wasn’t the original…the more that i read Sacred Scripture, the more depth was revealed to me by the Holy Spirit…passages i had read for years, suddenly sprang to life…second best was no longer good enough, I wanted to belong to the Church that Christ Himself instituted… that followed the most closely to His teachings, that resolutely obeyed the Sacramental Life that was inaugurated by Christ Himself…in other words… I wanted the One Church that Christ founded on Peter in Matt 16:18

Mat 16:18 “And I say also unto thee, That thou art Peter, and upon this rock I will build my church; and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it. “…but where would i find it….?

One day, after trying to rouse the children on a Sunday morning, and yet again, hearing a hundred and one excuses why they did not want to go to church, i just went to my bedroom and i knelt down and i prayed for God to show me where He wanted us to be. I wanted to educate my children and play a role in their spiritual growth, but i was desperate to know what to teach them…every non Orthodox Church has a different interpretation of..EVERYTHING!.. This wasn’t something that i could do alone – how could i go on using my own will to pick and choose a church, i’d done such a bad job of it for oh so many years! – no, i needed some Divine Intervention here!…I promised God that i would be open to wherever He led me and that i would be faithful to this promise….and He led me right up to the doors of the Sacred Heart Roman Catholic Church. Literally.

It didn’t all happen overnight.

It took a little over two years. I knew in my heart that the Catholic Church was the True Church, but even so, i knew that this was a life decision and that i had to understand and accept Catholic Church Teaching and Dogma wholly, this wasn’t something i could enter into lightly. Hence the rather heavy explication process…it was a revelation to me to learn the truth after 33 years of stumbling blindly around from one ‘place of God’ to the next….but it was as though i had been struck by lightening…you can’t pretend it didn’t happen…just because you don’t want it to be true.

I am completely convinced that the Holy Catholic Church is the One True Church that Christ founded upon St. Peter, the first Pope…and that Apostolic succession in the Catholic Church throughout the ages has given us 265 Fathers of the Church….from St.Peter, the first who reigned from 32-67, right up to the Holy Father, Pope John Paul II, who began his reign in 1978 and continues to do so… long live Papa!

I am certain that the Holy Catholic Church has the Fullness of Truth and I am completely satisfied that the Church conforms to and confirms in it’s Teaching, all biblical data.

There was always a Catholic Church. There will always be a Catholic Church. God is Truly Present in the Catholic Church. In every possible way. I’m not missing out on anything anymore!

God Bless!

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13 Responses to Why I converted (in brief)

  1. Lorna says:

    I had read this before but Julie sent me here from Penni’s.

    Can I ask something. If it’s between you and God /your confessor that’s ok. (grin) this relates to what you wrote here

    “I knew in my heart that the Catholic Church was the True Church, but even so, i knew that this was a life decision and that i had to understand and accept Catholic Church Teaching and Dogma wholly, this wasn’t something i could enter into lightly.”

    What were the hardest parts of the teaching and dogma for you to accept, and are there any you struggle with now?

    feel free NOT to answer. I’m cool.

  2. Amber says:

    That verse in Matthew is exactly what I kept going back to myself… either Christ kept his promise and I’d have to become Catholic or He didn’t, and I’d have to become agnostic or worse.

  3. ukok says:

    Lorna, I never ever looked back at this post, i had no idea you’d written a comment. I am SO very sorry I never responded to you.

    Amber, I concur 🙂

  4. I am a protestand and I always will be, but I understand your feelings of emptiness in the Protestant church. So much non-sense goes on in the name of evangelism and services are often so dead. If ever one has an thinking mind and a love of beauty and history, it is hard to remain protestant.

    However, I firmly believe that the Catholic church is not the answer. One, I have read many of the early church fathers as well as the scriptures, and I find that the Catholic church has subtly twisted many important doctrines. It has the form of godliness, but denies the power thereof.

    Two, there are so many man made doctrines in Catholic theology that simply aren’t in scripture. If they are in scripture, they are not emphasized nearly as much as Catholics emphasize them. It is a matter of proportions.

    Three, I believe the pope is a mockery of Christ. There is one mediator between God and man, the man Christ Jesus. We do not need a human vicar, for Christ became man so that all power could be given him in heaven and on earth. I believe the doctrine of papal authority is a docrine of anti-Christ; in the truest sense of that word.

    Yes, I believe that the Catholic church may have some things Protestants are missing, yes I believe their services are beautiful, yes I love the history that the Catholic church represents, but in the end these things cannot suade me. I believe very strongly that Christ founded a spiritually universal church. I believe this because I find true Christians in all denominations, regardless of label. They love God, and they have a zeal for him that you are hard pressed to find in others.

    Sister, Christ alone, Christ alone, Christ alone. I pray that you would trust in him, and not in a Church, a beautiful form, or a set of doctrine. God desires our hearts. I see you are sincere in your desire for God, and I pray that the Spirit would lead you into all truth. God bless.

  5. ukok says:

    Hi there, thanks for taking the time to comment.

    1. I must say that you are mistaken in thinking that it was feelings that led me to the Catholic Church. Protestantism left me empty primarily, nay, fundamentally because it is devoid of the Eucharist!

    2. Could you tell me which of the documents of the Early Church Fathers and which scripture you feel has been ‘twisted’ by the Catholic Church?

    3. About the man-made doctrines comment, the church maintains that it is led by the Holy Spirit, guided by God, doctrines, teachings, therefore come from God. I can appreciate you may not agree, but this is what I believe and I see no evidence to the contrary.

    4.The Pope is not a mockery of Christ. If there is one mediator between God and man then let me ask you something – have you never prayed to God for a friend who is ill or needed a job? If you have ever prayed for anyone else, then you have mediated on their behalf to God the Father – what does that tell you, that you are a mockery of Christ? Or someone who is concerned about the well being of those you care about?

    Jesus gave the keys to the Kingdom of heaven, to Peter, the first Pope. He told Peter and no one else who was present, to feed his sheep! We are those sheep! Through an unbroken line of apostolic succession there has been pope after pope. Christ himself instituted the Papacy!

    5.You also say that we don’t need a human vicar, but you must surely know that there were presbyters mentioned in the New Testament (the word priest comes from presbyter).

    God always intended to lead his church on earth, what sense is there in letting us all go astray without any guidance? He founded one church so that we would all be of one faith, in unity.

    I trusted in the Lord and he led me to his Holy Catholic church and this is where I will stay. I pray also for you, that you will take off the blinkers that obscure your vision of Catholicism. Your attitides are not uncommon, I have come across them on many occasions. I have been led into all truth by the Truth, the Lord Jesus Christ. God is good!

    God Bless you

  6. 1. My mistake. It is however, a common factor in conversion stories. I recently talked to a brother of the order of St. Jerome, and he said it was one of the biggest reasons he converted.

    2. Far too many for me to write about here. I will however, address one issue which is quiet common. The aspect of the Virgin being the mother of God is blown far out of proportion. She is not a main character in the Gospels, but a peripheral character. Because she was the earthly mother of God, Catholic theologians have taken her and made her almost a god herself in that she can compell Jesus to do anything she wishes. The image of her sinless and sitting on some heavenly throne is well nigh blasphemous.

    If anyone can compell God to do anything, that person is more powerful than God. God is not obligated to answer anyone’s prayers with a yes, no matter who they were in his earthly life. He obeyed her on earth because he had to fulfill the law in its entirety. He also had to pay taxes on earth…I doubt Christ is still paying taxes. Christ said he was given all power in heaven and in earth, not his mother. I can’t address this issue as fully as I would like in a comment thread, but I would be happy to correspond by email.

    Does the scripture give great respect to Mary? Yes. Does the scriptures say she was virtuous? Yes. Did Christ obey Mary as his earthly parent? Yes. Do the scriptures exalt Mary as a sinless semi-God, eternally weilding her motherly power over her son? God forbid. This is what I mean by a matter of proportions.

    3. Many people have claimed that the Spirit has lead them to do things, but that certainly doesn’t mean its true. The fact that many of the Catholic doctrines and declarations have been contradictory over the centuries is proof enough of that. Truth does not contradict truth.

    Also, the fact that there was at one time 3 Popes, all claiming to be the vicar of Christ at, all of them threatening to ex-comminicate if you followed the other, shows the non-sense to which the doctine of ex-cathedra can lead. Which Pope would you have chosen?

    4. Yes, the Pope is a mockery of Christ. When we pray for a brother, we are interceding for him. However, we can only come to God through Christ and his righteousness. We bring our requests to Christ; he mediates for us to the father. “No man comes to the Father but by me.”

    Also, the Pope claims to speak for Christ. This in itself is wrong. Christ did not come to earth for nothing, but to reveal himself as the ultimate communication of God to man. This communication is recorded in the holy scriptures. We do not need further communications from God. The Bereans, when confronted with Pauls doctrine, searched the Scriptures and did not appeal to a Pope or Bishop for guidane.

    Thirdly, the fact that the pope parades around in pomp and glamour while Christ washed the disciples feet is proof enough that he is at odds with the spirit of Christ. Christ never demanded that men kiss his toe; why should we give such respect to a human who is just as guilty and vile and in need of a Savior as we?

    5. God uses human agents. I am not denying that in any way. However, to say that they are the only way we can come to God, or the only way that we can commune with Christ, makes them the fact that “no man comes unto the Father but by me” false and makes God a liar. God is a God of people; of individuals; not of churches.

    Of course God does not leave us without guidance. He told Peter, “feed my sheep,” and that is his command to all ministers of the Gospel. God has given us all that we need for life and godliness, but that does not mean that in the end we must come to God through people. God’s servants are just that, servants. They are not the door to God.

    Would you say that those who are not Catholics cannot come to God as they do not come through the system of the priesthood and institutional church?

    I am simply sharing my personal convictions with you, and attempting to challenge you as a sister. If you trust in Christ alone for your salvation, then I believe I can call you sister. The scriptures say, be ready to give an answer for the hope that lies within you, and I say that my hope lies in Christ plus nothing.

  7. ukok says:

    S. Laurence,

    I hardly have enough time at present to write a post for my blog and as much as I’d like to engage in discussion with you, I just can’t respond comprehensively to each point you make. If you want to choose one area to begin with then I would be happy to focus on that and maybe, we could take the other points afterwards, but I can’t realistically spend the necessary amount of time on dealing with 5 or 6 separate issues, I’m sure you’ll appreciate that.

    God Bless you

  8. I will leave it at that. I believe we both already have our minds made up, and in the end, God must show us these things. Debate can only take us so far. I will continue to read your blog as I find you have some very beautiful pictures and scriptures posted. God bless you as well.

  9. ukok says:

    S. Laurence, I said I was prepared to engage in discussion, I have no desire to debate you 🙂

    However, truth be told, I’d rather not sa well – often such discussions while successful in clarifying the differences that separate one person spiritually from another (in the practice of their faith and beliefs), can also be divisive in other ways causing difficulty in communications afterwards. Rather than focus on what separates us, we could be focussing on what we have in common – starting with how we both love Jesus!

    God Bless you!

  10. George Sipe says:

    I have included you in the “Convert Stories” listing (http://www.convertjournal.com/p/convert-stories.html). Please let me know if you would like any changes to your entry and consider adding the “badge”. Thanks.

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