The Season of Goodwill

The season of goodwill is upon us, and as such, how about ditching the idea of buying your better half a pair of slippers, a matching hat/scarf/glove set, or that trusty standby…socks! how about buying a present that will benefit people you have never met, thousands of miles from where you live ?So, the idea doesn’t exactly grab ‘you’ ? I can appreciate that…but i’ll be buying my folk’s a goat for Christmas this year, what will you be giving to your loved one’s ?…clean water, a latrine, a packet of seeds and saplings?

If you really want to put Christ back into Christmas, think about spreading the gospel message through a donation that will send witness to the world, of the love within your heart, a love that reaches out beyond the constraints of ocean and land, culture and politics and touches the hearts and lives of those less fortunate than ourselves and ingnites or rekindles their sense of worth, their faith in western civilisation and let’s them know that they haven’t been forgotten.

When we unwrap our Christmas present’s and tuck into our christmas dinner, we can do so knowing that though we indulge, we have sought to make the lives of those in less fortunate circumstances, a little easier to live. For me, that has to be one of the greatest gift’s that I could either give or receive on Christ Mass Day!

God Bless

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