It’s 4:35 AM

..and I just heard that little voice, no, not God whispering to me, and not a mouse, but that voice that all mothers dread. The one that say’s “Mum, I feel sick”…which is when you find your child hovering precariously over you with that, ‘wake up Mum and tell me it’s going to be alright because I might just throw up any second’, look.

And then my son was sick.

So he wasn’t joking.

Which I didn’t think he would be at this unearthly hour, but then he went and proved it and I fear, will go on proving it for the next 48 hours at least.

The thing is, we were supposed to be travelling to our holiday destination tomorrow afternoon, and it looks like it’s just not going to happen now. We might not be away until Saturday or Sunday at the earliest, depending upon whether we share the germs and become a family of pukers.

This really isn’t good. So many things that I should be leaving the house to do during the next 2 days, and no one to stay home with Wonderboy, while I do them. So I’m stuck. Haven’t got a clue how I’m going to get my daughter, Primadonna, and her friend to school, and they have to go…they have a school trip to Yorkshire today… Please pray for my son’s recovery, and that I don’t run out of toilet tissue, disinfectant. or patience (I’ve been a bit snottie about it so far…but then I haven’t woken up properly yet, goodness knows how I’m typing this, but thought it best to grab the chance while son is having a nap, it might not last long)


God Bless.

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