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Adios Amigos!

Yup you guessed it, I’m packing my bags again, only get this….this will be the first trip away without the children in tow in about 14 years! I know what you’re thinking, what’s she up to? Will she need to … Continue reading

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Audio Blog: the Imitation of Christ ~ Chapters 10,11 ,12.

To hear me recite the continuing chapters of The Imitation of Christ, click here God Bless.

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Oh -Cult! Part 7 of Many Part’s.

If you haven’t read number 6 yet do so first -I’m posting both entries today as I’m away for the weekend -sorry for the confusion! Like a fly in a web resistance was futile. I returned after my weekend away, … Continue reading

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A little something for a certain someone

Now who of my guest’s is a fan of this man ? I wonder 🙂 Enjoy!

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