One can never be too prepared.

…That’s my motto.

You may mock me, you may laugh in derision, but I have begun my Christmas shopping.

Lorna is away on holiday, so I have free reign to comment on all things merry and bright!!! Technically I began in January because that’s when there was some really great gift offers and I wanted to take advantage of the money saving opportunities.

Now, before you tut-tut, I’ll have you know that there are only 65 days 6 hours 45 minutes (at time of posting) until Christmas Day…that’s not a lot of time when there is so much to prepare.

Yesterday I saved heaps of money at Boots the highstreet chemist with buy two gifts, get one free…I managed to save about £25.00.

Today I bought my son’s Christmas present.

The good thing was that Toy’s’Rus were selling it for £20.00 less than it should retail, the bad news was that my Wonderboy was with me when I purchased it, but it was the only way that I could take advantage of the offer. The other good news is that if I spent £10.00 more (yes, I know it’s a marketing ploy but if it benefits me financially, then it’s worth it) having spent £60.00 in total, I was then entitled to a free star wars gift worth £25.00. win win situation I say. Sometimes it pays to shop early! He would not have got so much for the money if I hadn’t have taken advantage of the offers.

Being divorced from Wonderboy’s Dad means that he always knows what he’s getting for birthdays and Christmas, because his father and I have to discuss who is buying what so that we don’t duplicate. It’s sad that there aren’t really any suprises, well, maybe one or two small ones, but it’s better for him to let us know what he wants so that we don’t waste money on things that he doesn’t.

I tend to go for themes for Birthdays and Christmas when buying presents for my son. One year it was Action Man (an american friend of mine told me that in America you call them GI Joe’s, I believe -GI Joes for us are a completely different toy!) another year it was Transformers..last year he was mad for Lord of the Rings, this year it’s Star Wars!

How about you, have you begun your Christmas shopping yet?

God Bless.

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7 Responses to One can never be too prepared.

  1. Julie D. says:

    My dear, laugh at you? I don’t understand the question. I began Christmas shopping two weeks ago.

    Or at least seriously thinking and looking for gifts. I bought the first ones online this week.

    If I don’t do that then I wind up flailing around in the last week and it isn’t a pretty sight at all. So brava to us girls who know WHEN to begin Christmas shopping! 🙂

  2. Helen says:

    I also have started. I used to be a last minute (or week) Christmas shopper. I think I just don’t have the energy for it anymore! One year (about 20 years ago) I actually did it ALL on Christmas Eve. ALL OF IT! Mid-October has been my starting point for about the last 10 years now, I suppose.

  3. My Kid's Mom says:

    Actually, I buy things throughout a year, and keep a list going for each member of the family, so that I can remember what has been purchased already. But, the bulk of my shopping is done on the day after Thanksgiving! We have huge sales here in America on that day, UKOK. My husband and I have made it our little tradition to get up really early, and spend most of the day together, going from store to store, with our lists and coupons in our hands.

  4. ukok says:


    I’m so pleased that your on my side in this!

    There are lot’s of advantages to online shopping too, sometimes there are great discounts or loyalty rewards to be given if you spend a certain amount online.



    I detest shopping in the Christmas crowds too, I can’t bear even leaving the food shopping to the last minute, I buy everything as far in advance as possible…I recall one time doing the Christmas food shopping and queuing for an hour…all the frozen food defrosteed in my trolley (cart) and the staff were bringing free chocolate around and offering it to everyone waiting. Nightmare!

    I now have a chest freezer, about 2 weeks before Christmas I’m putting it on and filling it up!


    It’s the best way to do Christmas shoping, throughout the year! It might be the middle of June and I see the perfect present in a shop, what else can I do but purchase it and put it up for Christmas? It’s the only sensible thing to do isn’t it!

    I wish we had thanksgiving over here so that we could take advantage of lot’s of great sales too!

    God Bless you all!

  5. Lori says:

    I’m starting this morning. My 19 y/o daughter is home today from college and I’m taking advantage of it. Time to get on with some shopping!!

  6. Barbara says:

    Gulp! Swallowing hard, she runs away, as fast as she can – hands in air..

    yes I admit it…I am a last gasp Annie where Christmas is concerned.

    I wait until Owen has had his birthday, think I will start then (end of September) and then suddenly, it’s Decemeber…and I resolve to start earlier NEXT year!!!

  7. ukok says:

    Lori, I hope you manage to spot some bargains! Have a great time shopping 🙂


    Be consoled, even though I buy presents throughout the year as and when I can afford them, I am always wondering on Christmas Eve, if there is someone or something that I have forgotten, and usually I do forget thigns, like batteries. matches, gravy powder or some other essential!

    God bless.

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