Prefigurement of the Papacy

The Mass of the Lord’s Supper last night was a wonderful occassion. Sitting at table with Christ on the very night that he instituted the Eucharist. How nerve tinglingly intense.

The washing of the feet.

My son, Wonderboy, the Altar server chosen as one of the 12. (actually I must ask for prayer for our oldest Altar Server who fell over as this was being carried out and hurt his head, thanks). Wonderboy hadn’t known he would be one of the twelve, he hadn’t even wanted to serve last night. I told him it wasn’t a choice. He’d been called to serve and he didn’t get to pick and choose when he would serve.

Just like the Apostles who had stopped what they were doing and followed Christ – they heard the call and responded to it…without an “um Jesus, not now, I’m just a bit busy at the moment”.

St. Peter objects to having his feet washed, Jesus says, “But Peter, if you don’t let me do this, how can you do what you will be called to do when I am no longer with you”. Right there Christ was teaching Peter to serve others, as he would indeed be called to do when it was his time to lead the Church that the Lord had founded.

As Christ later prayed in the Garden of Gethsemane he asked the Apostles, “Will you stay awake one hour?”

As Mass ends and the procession to the Altar of Repose begins and we follow in rememberence of the Apostles followeing Christ to the garden after their Eucharistic feast. Vowing to never to leave him…

We pray, Oh Lord, whatever it is that you are calling me to do with my life, let me do it. As you said “Thine will, not mine”, may we also, even when what lies ahead fills us with dread and we know not how to bear it.

The Apostles ran when the soldiers came to take Christ at Judas’ betrayal, let us not betray or desert Him. Let us not turn away from you, Jesus, or stray so far from you that we can’t find our way home…and if fear grips us and it all seems too much that you’re asking of us, call us by our name and let us turn to you again.

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One Response to Prefigurement of the Papacy

  1. see-through faith says:

    I wrote my thoughts on this night over at stf. It was special

    Have a good trip to Wales. I’ll miss you but know you will be blessed

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