My boy’s all grown up!

The study day on Saturday went well, the Director of Maryvale, Fr. Paul Watson came to speak on the O.T and the N.T. He gave some terrific insights in to the next 3 months study we’ll be doing on both subjects. Coincidentally (do coincidences even exist?) yesterday Maryvale had sent my results for my penultimate essay (yes they are a bit slow sometimes). I got an ‘A’ again which was a really big surprise as it was extremely rushed..what will be an even bigger surprise is if I even get a ‘C’ with the latest one I sent off. And that’s not false modesty, I really didn’t understand the questions at all 😦

The children return to school today after their 6 week summer holidays…and a not a moment too soon…except that I’m going to miss having them around so much even though they drive me nuts when they are together. Siblings can be extremely incompatible and my children are no exception! Still, I’m very anxious about my youngest child starting high school, he’s only just turned 11 years of age and there are going to be 1,000 pupils at the school he’s going to! If you can spare a prayer for him today it would be very much appreciated. Wonderboy finds it quite difficult to make good friends…and the last friend he bought home turned out to be a horrid little boy who picked on my son and called him names.

Just one good friend, that’s all he needs, oh Lord, hear my prayer!

Today I’m working which will help to take my mind off things, I hope, we’re also starting our Baptism programme, so we’re going to be visiting parents who want their children Baptised in the Catholic Church, it’s the job of we catechists to tell them a bit about the baptism programme and invite them to attend the short course of preparation. This is something new for me. I’m not unfamiliar with RCIA or preparing children for their First Holy Communion, but I’ve never actually visited people in their homes before, so this is going to be very interesting.

Fortunately I have Fr’ P’s wife with me as we’re running the Baptism Programme together, as we also do the First Holy Communion preparation. We’re a good team, never a dull moment when the two of us get together! In fact we’re a bit mad at times.

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5 Responses to My boy’s all grown up!

  1. Suzanne says:

    What a handsome looking student! Although I am able to homeschool, treasure your son’s willingness to awaken and to dress himself in this fashion everyday! I would not want you to see how relaxed our dress can be at times! One of the little but still important issues of homeschooling vs. what I see in this photo. I just offered a prayer for homeschool teachers and children/students at Alexa’s site. I offer one for your son and daughter, as well. You are still and will be the most important teacher in their life, so I pray that God fills you with the continued love you already have for this precious gift of your son AND daughter. I pray that they will be surrounded by angels each day, good teachers who understand their most important needs WITH patience, and yes, at least one good and wholesome friend that they can share some really good happy times with. God bless Deb with Faith to teach them of her great Faith,
    Hope that she always knows that You are with her each day, and Charity, that she continues to love her children with the kind of love which You would have her to always love them. Thank you, Lord for our children and help us bring them closer to your Most Sacred Heart.
    Come Holy Spirit! Amen! 😉

  2. St. Cecilia says:

    Your son is starting high school and he’s only 11?!?!? He must be a very special young boy!

    He’s very handsome, by the way.

    I pray that he is protected and guided by the Holy Spirit… and that the Holy Spirit will bring him a true friend.

  3. Jennifer says:

    What a handsome young man…I’ll include him in my intentions tonight.

    My ds has a hard time making good friends too. Often they turn out to be horrid or have horrid parents and we don’t approve of them.

  4. ukok says:


    Your words and more especially, your prayer from the heart really bought me (and I think Joseph too)comfort yesterday. He did get sworn at by one older student, but apart from that it went quite well and I was so pleased that he didn’t let it spoil everything for him….he said he almost cried at one point because he found himself alone and was lost (the school is enormous). I’m so proud of him! (((hug)))

    St. C,

    Your prayers did some good for sure because Joe’s transition to high school, at least on the first day, went unexpectedly well!

    Over here in the UK our children do start high school at 11 years of age(at least as far as I’m aware). I personally think it’s too young but it’s just the way it is. It’s such a culture shock though and some of the student at my sons school are 19 years of age, so he’s just tiny by comparison, physically… and emotionally it’s a real test of the nerves! Thanks so much for your prayer for my son 🙂


    Thanks so very much, I know it sounds like a rote-thankyou but I can’t really express how much it means to me that you all cared enough to let me know you would remember Joseph in your prayers.

    Isn’t it heart breaking that our children have so much difficulty in finding siutable friends….and when I say suitable, I don’t mean that I have impossibly high expectations…just a friend who doesn’t cuss in every sentence, steal, cheat, bully etc.

    Life is hard enough, and more especially, school is hard enough. When you’re a young and vulnerable kid it can make all the difference having one decent friend.

    God Bless you all for responding to my call for prayer and comfort.

  5. Donna Boucher says:

    Oh my! Look how sweet and formal!

    He is a darling boy!

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