Emergency Prayer Request.

More prayers please! Tonight, after a busy day at the presbytery, I got home and my ex collected our son for an overnight stay at his house. I watched a bit of TV with daughter while waiting for the traffic to die down so we could go out to the supermarket a couple of miles away and purchase food for my new fridge freezer. So at about 7pm I was in Morrisons supermarket when I got a call from my Dad on my mobile. He said there had been a car accident involving my son. Dear Lord, my dear Wonderboy is having one heck of a rotten week!

I called my ex on his mobile phone and he sounded completely out of it and he said our son was in shock, that the police and an ambulance were there, but that our boy would be alright. I immediately left the trolley full of food in the middle of the supermarket and my daughter and I explained to a member of staff that a family emergency had taken place and we needed to go. He said he’d look after the trolley uintil we could get back.

We eventually found the accident scene, the ambulance man, I mean paramedic, explained that my son was very shaken up and had to have oxygen and his reliever inhaler for his asthma. Fortunately my (ex) step-son was there, his Dad had called him to the scene and he was watching Wonderboy until I got there, my ex was in the ambulance and being taken to hospital. He had back surgery last year and it seems that the impact of the car speeding into the car my ex was driving had a really bad effect on him particularly and not just on his car. Thanks be to God that our son is okay, but he’s so worried about his Dad. My ex phoned a little while ago to say he was still at the hospital and was having x rays etc. I know we’ve had our problems, but I wouldn’t wish him harm and I hope that you can find your way to sparing a prayer for him and for our son who is devastated tonight.

Thanks all, and God Bless.

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19 Responses to Emergency Prayer Request.

  1. Anonymous says:

    Your son has been on my mind since I read your post about those thugs hurting him, and now this. Be assured I will pray for your beloved son and for his Dad that they both will have a speedy recovery and they can put this behind them. I will also pray for you. You need the strength to see your son through this time. I hope your family gets some well deserved rest this weekend. Judy M.

  2. Moneybags says:

    I’m so sorry! I hope the Lord accepts my prayers.

  3. Suzanne says:

    Deb! I am so sorry! I will pray, of course! I am off to Adoration in just about 30 minutes here and will be praying. God bless your son…he has had it rough! Suzanne

  4. Anonymous says:

    I’m hoping all turns out okay, Deb. I’ve got ya in the prayers!


  5. onionboy says:

    Reading this very late in the day…I will pray.

  6. My Kid's Mom says:

    Prayers ascending right now. . .

  7. Gabrielle says:

    They have my prayers also, ukok, and for peace and rest this weekend for all of you, to help get over the shock.

  8. Angela Messenger says:

    Oh Deb! I am so sorry! Prayers going up!

  9. Esther says:

    I just got home from Noctural Adoration where I pray for my friends and their intentions. I am sure God will hear our prayers. Sorry this happened to your dear son Deb!

  10. Seeker says:

    Yikes! It never rains but it pours! You poor things, all of you! I will keep you all in my prayers.

  11. AutumnRose says:

    Praying that your son will be surrounded by angels, and his father also. You’ve had a tough week. Take care of yourself, too xx

  12. Elena says:

    Oh Ukok, how scary for all of you! I hope your ex is feeling better soon and that your son feels better today! Keeping all of you in my prayers this weekend!

  13. Elena says:

    Oh Ukok, how scary for all of you! I hope your ex is feeling better soon and that your son feels better today! Keeping all of you in my prayers this weekend!

  14. Barb, sfo says:

    Adding my prayers as well!

  15. Mimi says:

    Yikes! I just saw this, and I see your update. Lord have Mercy. Be assured of my prayers.

  16. Lorna says:

    God IS in control. May He fill you with His peace and assurance.

  17. ~m2~ says:

    deb, i am so sorry but know the outcome already (i sometimes read the end of a book first, admittedly!)

    i will still keep everyone in prayer as they continue to heal – scary time!)

  18. Ginny says:

    Wow do I know how you feel. A couple of weeks ago my 18 yr old daughter was in an accident and it was pouring rain, a woman stopped dead in front of her. She avoided her and skidded head on into a telephone poll, snapping it in half. She received minor injuries “Thank God”, boy was her Guardian Angel busy keeping her safe and her reaction to keep the woman in front of her free from harm as well.

  19. curious servant says:

    Heavenly Father… please bless this family. Draw near to them, permit them to feel Your reassuring presence. Healing, strength, peace… I beg for all of these things for these followers of Yours. –Amen

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