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Cardinal offers a ray of hope to potential (non homosexual) adoptive parents

Rob asked in the com box, what might happen if the Catholic Church in England and Wales is backed in to a corner over it’s adoption agencies being forced to allow the placement of children to homosexuals. Reading back over … Continue reading

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Blair Overules Church. Or does he?

The headlines are running something like this: ‘Blair overules the Church on Gay Adoption issue’. Now let me see, God in one corner of the ring, Blair in the opposite corner…who will remain standing? Place your bets. I just don’t … Continue reading

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When will the Church of England realise that these gimmicks won’t work? “For Anglicans who still haven’t found what they’re looking for, the Church of England is staging its first “U2-charist” communion service — replacing hymns with hit songs by … Continue reading

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Adoption in the Catholic Church

You may have heard about the ‘Gay Adoption’ (no we aren’t up in arms wanting to adopt gay’s) hot issue over here in the UK right now. Cardinal Cormac has responded with a letter to the PM: “What, then, is … Continue reading

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Heavenly hugs

I know it’s impossible to actually love your children too much, but I sometimes wonder if I do. Sometimes, often in fact, my children just really ‘get me’ as opposed to them really ‘getting to me’. At these times I … Continue reading

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Urgent Prayer Request

Just got back from RCIA where I was informed that one of my best friends ….who is also Fr. Peter’s wife, had a stroke this morning and was rushed to hospital. Fr. just came to the group to fill us … Continue reading

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Upon my heart

Please pray for the following intentions (and add your own in the com box so that I and my fellow bloggers may pray for your intentions also). …. for Catherine. …. for Jill and her husband, also for the soul … Continue reading

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