I-poddit, I-soddit

Hi folks! Today I went in to work. That’s all. Well, that’s not all but it’s taken up most of my day from 9 am to 5pm and since it’s only now 8pm ish there’s not a lot else that I have done. Wonderboy has spent the day with his Dad today and for the first time in a month, because he’s also sleeping overnight there, I might actually get to sleep before 2.30am and stay that way until the alarm goes off 🙂 Or maybe not, I seem to have become increasingly insomniacic (is that even a word?) since Wonderboy’s asthma took a turn for the worse.

Oh, I have to tell you how boring my life is…I have just spent over an hour searching online for a case for the ipod nano 2nd Generation (4GB) that I bought my daughtr for Christmas. Why on earth do Apple sell these new ipods if they are not selling the cases to put them in? I can find zillions of cases for ipod nano 1st Generation and ipod 2nd generation 2GB..but I’m seriously stuffed when it comes to the 4GB version. There I was thinking I was doing my daughter a favour in giving her the freedom to store more music (1,000 songs as opposed to 500 songs) but I can’t find anything to put it in to keep it safe.

Let me tell you a little story.

When my daughter was about 10 or 11 years old she had a mobile phone for her birthday from her uncle . It cost £70, which in my view, was and still is a lot of money. On the evening of her birthday she was looking at it in the kitchen and accidentally dropped it. The morning after, so as not to hurt my uncle’s feelings when we would see him later that day…I went to the shop and bought another identical mobile phone for my daughter, with my credit card 😦 So not only had she had her birthday prezzies from me that year but I went and bought her another phone to cover for the one that got broke.

My daughter is not the most delicate of individuals. She is beautiful, kind hearted and a fine young woman, but she is a complete clutz…I know she doesn’t mean to be, she just is. She’s rather like me, thought if she reads this she will be aghast that I have suggested such a thing, I’m sure.

So. After I gave her this ipod gift, I told her she couldn’t leave the house with it until she has a case to put her new ipod in…but can we find a case for a 4GB 2nd gen new ipod nano? No we can blooming not! This morning when I dropped the kids off at their respective carers for the day/night,darling daughter told me she’d got her ipod in an an ipod sock….No! not one of these (yes you really can knit your own if you’re that way inclined)but one of these …Yes, she had put it in a real sock….hope it was clean! Now I’m fairly certain that a bit of wool isn’t going to protect her ipod, so I really want an aluminium case or one of those toughwrapp style cases….huh!

While on the subject of socks….did you know that not only can they be holey – which most of mine are, or at least were until I received 5 new paris of socks form DD as one of my ‘mum always needs’ presents – but socks can also be very holy apparantly too.

Anyway, please, please, please if you know of anywhere this side of the globe that sells what I want for £20 or under, please leave a link in the com box. I am so fed up with looking:-)

Ah yes, there was something else that I did today. I gave up working voluntarily at the presbytery for the one day a week that I have worked for the best part of 2006. I did this because frankly it isn’t the best use of my time while I’m there and often because it’s a voluntary day out of my week it has become more of a day of socialising than of working. I’m still going to be paid for the one day I do work still and I’m still going to work in a voluntary capacity, but at home, where I will get more done!

So hoorah. I was a little concerned about telling Fr. but I needen’t have been, he was very understanding. I just can’t give up a whole day to get two or three hours administrative work done in the 7 hours I’m there. Doesn’t make sense. It’s good to be assertive, I like it a lot.

My mum once told me that when she hit 40 she shrugged off the coat of shyness that she had worn for most of her life and became assertive for the first time ever…maybe that isn’t so far from the truth. I’ve 18 months until I hit the big 40, I guess I’ll have to wait a wee while and see 🙂


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3 Responses to I-poddit, I-soddit

  1. onionboy says:

    Sheesh, you’re young. 40 was seven years ago for this lad.

    Hey, way to go on knowing what not to do with your time. I’m sortin’ that one out this week too and it’s all good.

  2. ukok says:

    But men age so much more dashingly my friend 😉

  3. ukok says:

    Voila, after this period of anoyance on Saturday afternoon we finally found a shop that sold what we wanted and DD now keeps her ipod in a funky and very protective leather case, which came complete with neck lanyard 🙂

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