AutumnRose has tagged me with the latest meme and how could I not comply with such a request when it’s all about my Faith?

1. Favorite devotion or prayer to Jesus. The Chaplet of Divine Mercy.

2. Favorite Marian devotion or prayer. To pray before Our Lady’s Chapel in the parish in which I worship. Here is a picture of the stained glass window that is above the little chapel and on which I meditate while praying.

3. Do you wear a scapular or medal? I have a green scapular that I wore ragged and which I believe was instrumental in my mothers conversion to Catholicism, and then I purchased and had blessed a brown scapular which I failed to really get into wearing. I have a miraculous medal in my purse always.

4. Do you have holy water in your home? Yes ~ a bottle from the Shrine at Walsingham and a smidgen left in the bottle from Church. I bless the rooms, bibles, the children, anything and anyone that can be consecrated for/to service to God.

5. Do you “offer up” your sufferings? It would sound so good if I could say yes to this, but I’m afraid I don’t do so very often, I’m too distressed with being in pain to be anything other than entirely self pitying, because basically, I’m a big wimp.

6. Do you observe First Fridays and First Saturdays? No. On Fridays I’m about 20ft from the Church because I work at the presbytery next to it but I get paid for working there, not for attending Mass. Saturday’s I have to wait for DS to be collected by his Dad and Mass starts or is over by the time that happens.

7. Do you go to Eucharistic Adoration? How Frequently? Yes I do. But far less than I should, though since I now will be working at the presbytery only one day a week I might go back to going to Adoration and Mass on Tuesdays if I can.

8. Are you a Saturday evening Mass person or a Sunday morning Mass person? Sunday Morning. Though I occassonally go to Saturday night Mass as well though don’t like it as much. Our organist and cantor for Sunday is marvellous and the sense of community on Sunday is greater, on Saturday evenings Mass is over much quicker and everyone seems in a hurry to leave.

9. Do you say prayers at mealtime? Yes. Not always when snacking though, and it isn’t always vocal. I’m not ashamed or embarrassed about praying in public anymore, though I was a couple of years ago! As a family one of us says grace before the meal we have together.

10. Favorite saints: The Blessed Virgin Mary, St. Bernadette, St. Benedict, St. Anthony (who just helped me find a very important set of keys that I mislaid some time ago) St. Joseph.

11. Can you recite the Apostles’ Creed by heart? No. I get mixed up with the Nicene Creed when I try to recite it alone. I can recite the latter though, at a push.

12. Do you usually say short prayers (aspirations) during the course of the day? I do. Usually along the lines of ‘Lord, have Mercy upon me a sinner’ because I am a very big brat.

13. Bonus Question: When you pass by an automobile accident or other serious mishap, do you say a quick prayer for the folks involved? Yes. If I hear a siren I pray. If I pass a hearse with a coffin in it I make the sign of the cross and pray too. When I pass a Catholic Church I do the same.

Added bonus question: Have you named your Guardian Angel? No. I’d be too anxious that I got it wrong or that my guardian angel didn’t like it. Besides, I don’t feel that it’s something that I would like to do or that it is necessary.


This tag has been around for a while so I won’t tag anyone individually as many of you have already played it, but if you haven’t already feel free to join in 🙂

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6 Responses to I’ve been MEEEEEEEEEEEEEMED

  1. see-through faith says:

    interesting to read your practices – they are very different to mine

  2. ukok says:

    Well Lorna, if all the chocolates in the chocolate box tasted the same it would be a very boring experience eating them. I appreciate our differences….though I’d like you to leave a further comment explaining your own practices if you have the time.


  3. Mimi says:

    I like hearing about your faith practices. Great meme.

    And, my middle name is Bernadette – I like to think that she still prays for me even after my conversion to Orthodoxy.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Always nice to learn more about fellow bloggers!
    God bless
    Maria in the UK

  5. Hope says:

    I liked your honesty in this post….so good to read what others do and don’t do. Sometimes as a convert I feel like i will always be stumbling over something new to learn in the faith and it’s hard not to feel dumb sometimes. Hard not to go, “OMG what is that?” when I find out something new…like first Fridays and Saturdays. had to go research that on my own the first time I read about it on someone’s blog.

  6. ukok says:

    Mimi, my dear, I’m certain that St. Bernadette still prays for you (though perhaps for your re-version ho-ho-ho!!!)



    Absolutely understand where you are coming from, I always am learning something new about our Catholic Faith!

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