Howdi folks!

Hope you’re all having a great day. I’ve been taking some pictures of my recent handmade cards, feel free to take a look at ’em. If you look down the length of the page you can see just how basic my cards where when I first began cardmaking in 2005. I can’t believe and daren’t disclose how much money I’ve spent on papercraft and cardmaking materials since that time. It’s obscene. The card blog isn’t comprehensive, I’ve made loads more that I haven’t uploaded, but you can get a good idea. I’ve sold some cards at church to raise funds for the Union of Catholic Mothers but I’m also trying to recoup enough money to cover the cost of the materials when possible as they sure don’t come cheap. I never thought of selling them before, but the last few months I donated about 50 cards to the UC M and we sold half of them at our coffee morning!

Sounds like a business advertisement doesn’t it? Sorry about that. Though having said that I have sent my cards around the globe to some of my blogfriends in the past, not for financial gain however.

Anyway, in keeping with the homemdade ‘flavour’ of this post I’ll mention that yesterday was yucky outside and I worked at home on the next issue of the latest magazine…. I had some pretty pleasant aromas to sniff while writing though…when the kids came home from school I served up homemade chicken and chickpea soup…and with freak weather warnings being issued today it sounds like I will be spending a lot more time in the kitchen making lovely soothing homey food like this…

suits me good.

God Bless!

p.s. many thanks for the comments and emails about Wonderboy, he returned to school on Monday, he was unwell at school and bought up loads of yucky stuff (how nice when we’re talking about food eh?)….his attacks are not as frequent now although they can still be nasty when they come on. Thanks and big hugs to all who prayed for him. I’m hoping and praying that he is healing from this month long chest infection that seems to have taken root!

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13 Responses to Home-Girl

  1. AutumnRose says:

    Oh, I hope he’s fully recovered soon! And thanks for praying for me while I was ill ~ I’m feeling so much better today 🙂

    Your cards are gorgeous ~ I make cards too, but nowhere near as nice as yours!

  2. Rosemary Bogdan says:

    What lovely cards! So glad Joesph is improving. May the Lord continue to strengthen him.

  3. curious servant says:

    thanks for the note to Isaac!

  4. cheated are the clouds says:

    Good to hear about Joseph, those infections can nasty ones for sure, It is one in the morning right now and you have made me extremely hungry with the pea soup, MMMmmmm I love pea soup

  5. ukok says:

    I’m sure you’re not giving yourself enough credit for the cards you make . I’d love to see them sometime and swap ideas. Maybe you could take pictures of them and post them online?


    Thankyou! and Amen!!


    You are more than welcome 🙂


    Browsing blogs at one am, that sounds all too familiar! Get thee to bed and I’m sure your beautiful wife will make you some pea soup sometime if you ask nicely 🙂

  6. Gayla says:

    I still have some of the cards you made for me last year!! And I took a peek at the card site. You’ve added some beautiful new ones. You really do need to sell them! It might make a nice little income for you.

    Glad Joe is better, too!

  7. Gayla says:

    I still have some of the cards you made for me last year!! And I took a peek at the card site. You’ve added some beautiful new ones. You really do need to sell them! It might make a nice little income for you.

    Glad Joe is better, too!

  8. RobK says:

    Your cards are beautiful. You should think about selling them. They are absolutely gorgeous.

    I am glad to hear Joseph is doing better.

    Thoughts & prayers.

  9. forget me not says:

    Beautiful cards, really!
    …and that chick pea soup looks great!!

  10. My Kid's Mom says:

    Glad Joe is better. Just thought I’d stop by and say “HI”. Love ‘ya!

  11. Gabrielle says:

    ukok, I know I already told you how much I love your cards, but seeing them up close on the card-blog is even better. So beautiful, and such a variety; it’s inspiring!

    Glad Joseph was able to go back to school; I hope he feels 100% very soon.

  12. see-through faith says:

    love your cards. I’m emailing you …

  13. March Hare says:


    Your cards are beautiful! And since I’ve got many birthdays coming up–not to mention Valentine’s Day–I may have to bookmark your site and steal–oops, I mean BORROW some of your ideas!

    Since turnabout is fair play, here’s a link to the cards I made for my family this year:

    Let me know what you think!

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