Dribs and Drabs,snowy splodges and Ebay Auctions

Well what do you know, the children’s school was closed today due to heavy snowfall during the early morning hours. I awoke at 6.40am and it certainly hadn’t snowed to any great extent by that time, but the snow fell more heavily rather suddenly and as the time approached for us to leave for school we heard on the radio that the school was closed.

The kid’s were delighted.


I was glad not to have to go out, but groaned inwardly as Wonderboy has such a low boredom threshold…still I badgered him (rather forcefully) into catching up on his homework and he played some computer games and then begged me if he could go play outside.

‘No’ came my reply as he has such an awful cough coming on again. But as (I thought) he correctly stated that if he wrapped up really well and only stayed out for 5 minutes it would probably be good for him as he’d be cooped up in the centraly heated house all day. (in fact he had a coughing fit and had to come in only minutes later)

Well, the dog went out.

….and ran like the clappers back in again…

Primadonna had more sense, she wrapped up AND stayed indoors with me πŸ™‚

And Wonderboy? Well…. Wonderboy is just Wonderboy…Bless him…

In other news. I’m hoping to be able to get the kid’s to school and go to work tomorrow. Fr P’s wife is coming home from the hospital tomorrow after two weeks in there recovering from her stroke and it will be so lovely to see her, though I don’t want to get to close with having this chest infection.

Today I didn’t accomplish much asides from mothering, which is pretty much something good to accomplish if indeed anything is going to be accomplished, wouldn’t you agree? Often I think we mothers tend to devalue ourselves, we shouldn’t do that.

Another thing I did was to set up an auction on ebay, but I tell you, what a chore it has been.

Let this be fair warning to everyone unused to selling on ebay, do not include the phrase, ‘make me an offer‘ unless you utilise the ‘buy now’ facility in your auction.

For a while now I’ve been aware that I’ve made some serious craft purchasing faux pas. Nowadays I will quite happily spend an hour or more designing and creating a card, but in the early days of my crafting I hadn’t developed that sense of pride in my crafting and I really thought it was more about keeping a flow of cards going, like a production line mentality I suppose. I made a lot for charity and I suppose it was more convenient to chuck a couple of embellishments on the front of the card and consider the job done. Now I recoil in horror at the thought of the ‘art’ of cardmaking being removed from the joy of cardmaking.

So it came to be that I cast my gaze upon the crafting supplies I had ammassed over recent years and ‘ping’, I had an idea. I would try to sell some of my crafting collection on ebay. I gave some away to friends at Christmas but I knew that I couldn’t in good conscience make any more purchases of craft materials until I’d cleared the decks a little. Now it is one of my dreams to have a crafting room but that isn’t happening any time soon and the truth is that my crafting is taking over the kitchen (the only huge table in the house happens to be in there) and something had to give.

So it was then that two nights ago I waited until midnight and then set up my auction. It took one hour. When my alarm went off at 7.20am the next morning I was completely shattered. I sauntered downstairs, put on the kettle for tea and headed for the computer…whereupon I was to find in my inbox an email from ebay informing me that my little innocent auction had been considered an attempt to circumvent ebay rules. Bah humbug had it!

I can’t tell you how cheesed off I was to read that the offending phrase in my whole advert was my mistakenly including the words, ‘make me an offer’.

Apparantly if the auction is a bidding auction you can’t use those words as ebay will believe that you may be using their resource to arrange purchases/sales by using….but not using….ebay as the ‘middle man. Confusing eh?

You can imagine my reaction. The morning after, having tossed and turned for hours and having little sleep I had awoken with a headache, the yucky symptoms of this chest infection making me even more wheezy than usual and my hands were swollen with all the typing.

I emailed abay. I couldn’t spend another hour doing that again could I?

A nice lady responded…eventually…. further explaining the rules and reassuring me that they were aware that I had no intention of circumventing their role as mediator, but that no, they no longer had a copy of my auction as it haad been removed completely. Note to self – always save a copy of auction listing to computer!!!!

So today I sat down and typed up the whole thing again…minus the offending phrase.

As yet, no bids.

I’m not discouraged, but would like it if frequent ebayers who are also readers of my blog, could give their input here….is there a rule of thumb for when to bid and when not to? I’ve heard people say that they always wait until the last day or so to make a bid in an attempt to keep the final bid lower….is this the way it works? Also, how does my advert sound? It exhausted me to write the ad and I didn’t really want to devote any further time to it, did I miss somehting out? I read and used the text of similar auctions with regard to the serious payment bit at the bottom of the page and that’s how come it sounds a little severe in places, but overall what do you think?

Also, I’m not going to be regularly selling items on ebay , but I might from time to time so could you please take a look at my auction and tell me what you think, do you have any tips about selling etc?

I have 4 people watching the item at the moment, is that a good thing?

I know there are a million typo’s in the ad, but please ignore those 😦

And if by any chance you’re interested in purchasing the craft package, consider making a bid …and so long as you live in the UK, I’ll be pleased as punch if you win it πŸ˜‰

p.s. some of my cards are pictured here though I recently completed a commission for a friend with some lovely cards and forgot to take photo’s of them to upload (not that I would have posted them until I had the all clear to do so and the cards had been sent out of course, just in case the recipient got to see their card before it arrived!)

EDITED : I just noticed I have one bid and wait for it…11 people watching the item! hopefully some of those 11 will start bidding over the next few days!

EDITED AGAIN: I now have 16 people watching my auction and 2 bids Whoo-hoo! I really get why people hold out till the last day or two to place a bid. This is fun! I only have 1 day and 13 hours left of auction time. Will let you know the outcome by editteding this post yet again πŸ˜‰

EDITED AGAIN, AGAIN: ooh errr, 20 people watching, hope this is reflected in the bidding over the next 36 hours!

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11 Responses to Dribs and Drabs,snowy splodges and Ebay Auctions

  1. Melanie says:

    Regarding ebay, in my experience, people tend to wait until the last day or so to even bid on items. When I first started selling on ebay (10 years ago or so?) people would bid right away — but now I often have items up that don’t receive bids until the last few hours even. So, don’t despair! It’s a great package for a crafter!

  2. Fleur says:

    No school due to snow?? Wow!! Currently I live high up in the Swiss Alps, and here I watch kids run down the mountain every morning to go to school. Guess they are better prepared for it though……… See, last Wednesday I really wanted to go to the 9 O Clock Mass, and I was wondering if I would be able to get down the mountain, as it snowed during the night, and going to church means climbing down at least 300 meters of steps……. while carrying a baby in a babycarrier. To my delight at 8.30 AM the steps were already swept making it reasonably safe for me to go down the mountain. So I got to go to Mass. And eat fresh bread too!!

  3. Cris says:

    UGH! I am jealous for your snow! We have none in Virginia–or at least not enough to actually call it “snow”
    We used to live in Ely England and we never got snow there either! It must be a record year for the UK~
    Stay warm!

  4. Mimi says:

    Great snow pictures! Enjoy the snow day!

  5. Rosemary Bogdan says:

    I just LOVE the picture of Joe. Boys are fun.

  6. Esther says:

    Gosh Deb, you sure put a lot of effort in describing your auction item. Nice job, nice presentation. Wish I were into that hobby and lived in the UK. I did see a bid on it. Price is fair too as far as I can tell. I hope more people bid.
    Hope you are feeling better.
    Great photos of the snow and your family.

  7. T.O. says:

    Yeah, you risk being outbid at the last second if you put up a bid too early and someone overbids your highest offer, so a lot of the time people wait until the last day now. Good luck!

  8. Elena says:

    I thought your auction looked great and you even have a bid!

    If you download Turbolister (it’s free) you can save your templates and sales to use over and over again and you can even edit them! I use it.

    Good luck with your auction!

  9. Leann says:

    awesome cards.hope you and yours are all feeling better.God bless.

  10. Mary Poppins NOT says:

    I would totally bid on your auction (if I lived in the UK, that is). My daughters have recently begun card making, and after one trip to the craft store, I know what a good deal you were offering. Hope it goes well for you!

  11. ukok says:


    thanks for that, it gave me reassurance. I’ve noticed that there are a few similar craft bundles on ebay too that have as many as 14 bids so I think what might happen is that those who doin’t win those particular bids that end before mine, may starft showing my auction a little more interest. At least I’m hoping so!


    It’s amazing how a few inches of snow make our country grind to a halt isn’t it? sometimes I so wish I could trade places with some of you (just for a day) because your lives often sound so much interesting than mine….oooh that walk down the snow swept hill, the morning Mass and the fresh bread….ooh how lovely.


    You’re jealous of our snow? You can have it πŸ˜‰

    Ely, I believe is a beautiful place, I have friends there but have never actually visited.

    Blessings to you to Cris!

    Mimi, thanks my dear πŸ™‚


    Boys are a headache too though aren’t they LOL!!!!


    I did put a lot of effort in, and I’ll be gutted if it doesn’t sell or if I get a really low price, it has a really high value when the items are individually shop bought….I know ‘cos I bought ’em! Hopefuly the bidders will relaise what a bargain they’re getting for the money:-)

    Thanks for your well wishes my dear, I’m feeling a bit better today, those antibiotics have started working on me, wheezing isn’t as bad as it was, thankfully.


    Thanks for that insight T.O. I can see how that would be the best way to bid. I’ve only ever bought 6 items on ebay and they were all inexpensive items that I wasn’t fussed about losing out on, but I can see the sense in watching and putting in a late bid in the hopes of my being the bidder to get the item.



    From an ebay master like yourself I am very pleased that you think it looks like a good auction. I’m going to check out the turbolister thingie and that should save loads of time for any future items I may list. Thanks for the advice πŸ™‚


    It’s very kind of you to say so, many thanks to you!


    Aww, you’re so sweet, thanks so much for that (((hug)))

    ….if you and yours lived nearer I’d be asking your girls to come and craft with me πŸ™‚

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