Doubting Thomas Believes at Last!

The picture that says all there is to say…

…but hey, this is me…which means there’s always more to say!

Today my Father became (or was affirmed – he was conditionally baptised) Catholic. Not unnoticed is the fact that this is Divine Mercy Sunday. What a beautiful day to profess a belief in God, and an allegiance to His holy, Catholic church!

I can’t tell you how long I’ve wanted my Dad to acknowledge God’s existance…well, actually I can, all my life up to this point, that’s 38 years to be exact. All these years, all the years of my fathers life, my Heavenly father has been beconning Dad to him and now he’s finally responded to that call. He’s opened the door of his heart to the Lord and my heart bursts with joy!

I can’t help but use so many exclamation points in this post, every sentence is a ‘WOW’ for me!

Just like that.

There are no coincidences where God is concerned, only God-incidences, so it was immensely appropriate (almost overwhelming actually) that the Gospel reading was about Thomas’ doubting of the risen Lord.

My mother and father, as many of you may know, used to argue about God quite a lot when I was growing up and I can still hear Mum now, as she used to say to my Dad – in response to his declaring that God was a nonsense…

“you’re a doubting Thomas you are,I bet if Jesus stood in our kitchen right this minute you still wouldn’t believe it was Him, would you??”

Then invariably she would cry.

While Dad would look rather self satisfied at rattling mum’s cage. The air would be so thick after such exchanges that you couldn’t have cut through it with a scalpel.

But gone are those days!

So, my Dad is Catholic.

We need to sit in a longer pew henceforth ๐Ÿ™‚

Thanks be to God for that!

Here’s a few words from my Dad gave me to post on the blog, about/to you all…

“(Deb) I have just read your blog and I was overwhelmed at the kindness, thoughts and prayers of all of your friends. This will make my special day even more special. It makes me happy and gives me a warm feeling knowing that they are all thinking of me on Sunday I am a man of few words but I’d like to say a simple heartfelt ‘thank you’ to them all.”from Ukok’s Dad

Here are a few photo’s I took after Mass when Dad was conditionally baptised, confirming what was only presumed previously, that he may have been baptised as a baby.

Regrettably the digital camera ‘jammed’ as Fr.P was pouring the water over Dad’s head! Of all times for the camera to act up eh?

Here’s a picture of Dad making a profession of faith, prior to his baptism.

Dad is being baptised at this point, Fr. P is scooping up some more blessed water to pour over Dad’s head.

Dad is having his head wiped of the remaining droplets of water on his forehead.

Fr. P now mmakes the sign of the cross on Dad’s head with the oil of salvation.

Now, you may notice that Dad is not being clothed in a white shawl at this point, this is because Fr. P originally said that as this was a conditional baptism, these othe rites would not be included, but when just prior to the baptism, he said it could have been included afterall. I had hoped we could use it because those of you who have read my story about becoming Catholic will know the significance of my baptism shawl (link at top of page) I had also hoped for Dad to use it but we’d not bought it to church as Fr had said a few weeks ago that we would not use it in the ceremony.

Anyhow, we skipped that bit and Dad was given his candle which my son, Wonderboy lit from the Easter candle. Wonderboy presented it to Grandad, but the camera started acting up again so I don’t have a shot of that either ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

Here’s Dad with his baptism candle.

Now Dad can shine as a Christian, a follower of the Saviour in an unbelieving world.

Pictured below, my parents and my children, a whole family of Catholics ๐Ÿ™‚

And then off to pizza hut, Dad’s treat…

Pictured above, Mum and Primadonna enjoying their chicken pizza.

My Dad feeding Wonderboy, we’d just been joking about how Wonderboy’s Dad still cut’s up his food for him when he visits, as if he is still a baby…so I think there’s a bit of fooling around going on in the above shot.

And as our dear friend Rosemary Bogdan remarked recently (on my fat post), there are a good many overweight Saints (and Doctors of the Church come to that!) . Good on you Rosemary for reminding me that while health is important, holiness is more so and being fat does not have to be the obstacle to holiness that we might imagine it to be ๐Ÿ™‚

Hope you’ve enjoyed all the photo’s and especially Dad’s words of gratitude to you all.

Thank you for sharing in this family’s journey to Catholicism, some of you have been reading here since my own reception into the Catholic Church and have also *seen* my children become Catholic and then the conversion of my mother to Catholicism and now Dad.

People say that miracles don’t happen. I know they do. Some people just wear blinkers. My own family is a living, breathing miracle, a testament to God’s Grace and Mercy.

Great things happen when we open up the door of our hearts. Christ is waiting, always waiting, for our response.

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18 Responses to Doubting Thomas Believes at Last!

  1. antonia says:

    what a wonderful wonderful post! I am genuinely extremly happy for you all! *smiles*

    What a beautiful blessed day to be recieved into the Church! Praise God!

    May God bless you all!

    lots of love

    your sister in Christ

  2. Esther says:

    Deb, I really loved reading this post about your dear dad’s baptism. I was smiling throughout while I read it. What a beautiful way to celebrate the feast of Divine Mercy. IMHO, you are a beautiful lady inside and out.
    God bless,

  3. Barb, sfo says:

    Congratulations and many blessings to you all on this very special occasion!!

    This morning at our parish a little girl was baptized as well. It brought tears to my eyes. Father reminded us all, again and again, that she is a member of our Catholic Family and we are responsible for her little soul. Our church was extra joyful today because of our new member–I’m sure it was the same at yours!

  4. onionboy says:

    Amen and…YIPPO

  5. Rosemary Bogdan says:

    Deb, I love it. I cried when I read your dad’s words. How very, very sweet. There are no coincidences with God, are there. It just happens to be the reading about Doubting Thomas?? What a marvelous confirmation that the Lord has orchestrated your Dad’s conversion and even give your family this sign. I am so very happy for your whole family. A warm welcome to your dear dad. And thanks for the mention. (I think was it St. Joseph of Capertino who was quite large and also Thomas Aquinas, right? No doubt there are others too.)

  6. Mimi says:

    Thanks be to God! What wonderful photos!

    In the Orthodox faith, the Sunday after Pascha (Easter) is Thomas Sunday where we read about Doubting Thomas, so it seems very appropriate for your dad to come into the church upon this date!

  7. Suzanne says:

    Alleluia!!!! Praise be to God!
    This is so wonderfully amazing!
    Just to be a part of this miracle must make you beam, dear sister!
    For anyone to say there are no
    miracles…well, they are not looking..are they? Everything that came together on Sunday…just pieced in like a perfect puzzle! Please tell your Dad that his saying “Yes!” is the best and only way to thank ANY of us! It helps us to know that our prayers are answered too! So, this is so big. So happy for you all! ๐Ÿ™‚

  8. Gabrielle says:

    Just overwhelmingly wonderful. I’m so happy for you and your family, ukok.

  9. Angela Messenger says:

    I just started crying when I read this entry. How wonderful – Divine Mercy Sunday and “Doubting Thomas Sunday”!

    God bless your Dad, Deb!And you and your family too – what strong witnesses to the faith you are!

  10. Jean M. Heimann says:


    Praise the Lord!

    What a wonderful blessing for your family! I am so happy for you and for all your family.

    Thanks for sharing this beautiful occasion with us and for letting us be a part of it.

  11. My Kid's Mom says:

    Oh Deb, I am thrilled for ALL of you. I can well imagine the scene in your childhood scene, as it was replayed in my own home when I was little. I’ll have to tell you my dad’s conversion story one of these days. Blessings to all of you, my friend!

  12. Alexa says:

    I am so happy for you, Deb.
    I meant to write a comment on Sunday, but I forgot to. Even though I read this Sunday!
    I am happy for your whole family.
    Rob and I were talking about it too – he reads blogs occasionally and brought this up at the dinner table – and we’re both so very happy for you all.
    I wish my Dad would convert – but alas, it would have to involve his second wife – two peas in a pod, those two… and my Mom is still technically married to him in the eyes of God.
    But we don’t stop praying…

    And by the way….

    YOU are pretty. Period. I mean that. That is a lovely picture and I think you are so very feminine looking.
    So there.

  13. Fr Peter says:

    Lovely story, lovely photos, Deb

    Fr Peter

    (PS Do I look too big in this …)

  14. forget me not says:

    This is a great post Deb.Welcome Ukok’s dad!!

  15. delicat_angel says:

    Again, Congrats!

  16. ukok says:

    Thanks all for your kind thoughts and words and your prayers, Dad is chuffed. He stops by to read the comments and is delighted that so many of you care about him!

    Fr. P, thanks for stopping by, and no, of course you don’t look big…though you know what they say about pale colours and fuller figures



  17. March Hare says:

    Congratulations and many blessings!

    Is it the custom to baptize adults on the Sunday after Easter in the U.K.? Here in the States it seems the only time adults are baptized is during the Easter vigil.

    Infants are baptized all year long.

    Just wondering. Personally, I think it’s rather kewl that your dad was baptized on Divine Mercy Sunday!

  18. ukok says:

    Sorry not to have responded sooner, my friend.

    Nope! is the short answer!

    Dad has a chronic illness and was very anxious about not being baptised and father gave Dad the choice of being baptised at Easter or afterwards. Dad chose the afterwards part as he doesn’t like a fuss. As it worked out it actually took place after Mass too so there was only Fr. P, Dad, Mum, Me and my two kid’s!

    Small but beautiful ๐Ÿ™‚

    I thought it was really cool too about it being Divine Mercy Sunday!

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