Birthday Girl

Happy Birthday to me, I’m a 103, Happy Birthday, Happy Birthday, Happy Birthday to me!

So then, it’s my birthday 🙂

I was working today so yesterday I took the children out for ice cream, which they enjoyed a lot – though Wonderboy regretted he’d chosen a tub of chocolate ice cream when he saw the size of his sisters Cadwaladers Glory!


I woke up this morning to breakfast in bed and a nice mug of steaming earl grey.


Our family pet got in on the act too,


Bleary eyed I opened my pressies and gulped down the hot tea. Primadonna had made me a magnificent collage with a picture of us all together. She had also bought me a David Gray cd, that I’d been wanting for a while, and a new mug.


Wonderboy bought me a beautiful ornament with his pocket money, it’s entitled ‘Sister and Brother’ and I love it because my daughter is older than her brother and whenever I look at the ornament I know I’ll always think of my babies.


When I got to the presbytery Fr. Peter started singing ‘Happy Birthday’ as I walked through the door. I was later to discover that he had bought me a fabulous present, Pope Benedict’s new book! Which can be seen in the picture below.


Shirley, my friend, and Fr. P’s dear wife made a real fuss of me! I had a lovely boquet of flowers from the Union of Catholic Mothers, and Shirl bought me a lovely cake, Fenjal bath creme and body moisturiser, alcohol free wine (cos I don’t drink alcohol) and a box of Fairtrade belgian chocolates. I had lot’s of other pressies too, one of which was a fabulous new camera bag for my Nikon. they were so expensive that I couldn’t afford to buy one when I got the camera, so my folks bought me one instead for my birthday 🙂


When I finished work I headed over to my folks and Mum cooked me a beautiful meal of fresh salmon fillet with organic potatoes, sweetcorn and peas and parsley sauce. Yummy! After which I was presented with the following cake! Appropriately I received a mug today from my daughter, entitled ‘Diet, what diet?’


Here’s a pic of me below, hiding behind lot’s of goodies, amongst which there is a card from my dear friend Alexa who was so thoughtful in letting me know she was thinking of me today 🙂


Well, I want to write more but my daughter is now going to give me a facial before we sit down with the choccies, to watch Ugly Betty. So, gotta go!

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16 Responses to Birthday Girl

  1. Lorna says:

    happy birthday -sounds like you had a terrific day!

  2. Melanie says:

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Sounds like you enjoyed a wonderful day!

  3. What a wonderful birthday! I’m glad it was a happy day full of great things to remember later.

    Happy birthday and may you be blessed with much good health and happiness in the coming year.

  4. Mimi says:

    Happy, Happy Birthday! Many Years, my friend! Treat yourself on this special day!

  5. Suzanne says:

    I am mad mad mad at myself! You had mentioned your birthday a long time ago…I wrote it down…I lost where I wrote it down. I asked Alexa to let me know when she found out about when your birthday was and she forgot…certainly not her fault nor her responsibility, but I did and when I didn’t hear back, I forgot myself to ask again. I wanted to surprise you. :(!!! Dingy me! Well, Happy Birthday and it looks like you are well loved by all in your circle of life!

  6. Christine M says:

    Happy Birthday to you – It sounds like you had a very nice day.

  7. Owen says:

    Belated greetings.

  8. HAPPY,HAPPY BIRTHDAY, dear friend Deb!! I wish I could share a cup of Earl Grey with you and bring you something special. Hope you’ve had a wonderful day. It sounds like it was lovely. So happy your family clearly loves and appreciates you. God is good.

  9. Valerie says:

    Happy, happy birthday, my friend!!!!!! Wish I could have been there to give you a huge hug!

  10. Alexa says:

    Hey there GURLFRIEND! Wow. You’re going into your 40th year tomorrow – wow. How’s it feel? (you sure you don’t want to moderate the comments here?)
    Listen dearie, I don’t know why, but 40 is a great age. Most people will say that to you. So much happens – so, I say that because you should 1) enjoy the last year of being called “39” and 2) look forward to what’s ahead.
    I have a feeling you’re in for some great things….
    Why the heck not afterall?????
    And, btw, I LOVE that last picture – of you behind the cards! You look so coy.
    I dedicate a song to you from my new playlist on my blog – “Smile” by Nat King Cole. How’s that?

    Hope it was a good day.
    I’m working on my fifth alcoholic beverage and I’m still feeling fine – darnit – and about to go to bed soon.
    God bless.
    And happy happy happy days ahead.

  11. Fleur says:

    Belated happy birthday, and many blessings for the year ahead!

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  13. Renee says:

    Sorry I missed it. I do wish for you many years in peace, health and happiness.

    You have some really thoughtful children, I must say.

  14. TO says:

    Happy birthday! I’m glad that you had such a special day.

  15. ukok says:

    Thanks all, for your kind thoughts and well wishes, I really enjoyed reading all these fabulous comments. You have to know that my birthday was genuinely enriched by your kindness.

    (((hugs to everyone)))

  16. Antonia says:

    Happy Birthday!! (sorry am a bit late due to revision-induced lack of blog surfing!)
    Sounds like you had a great day!

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