Divorce Online

For those who are confused about this post I thought I should set in context to alay any fears that I’ve suddenly gone mad and am now advocating online divorce; this post is written with tongue firmly in cheek and veiled in thinly disguised derision…

Sod the spouse, forget the vows, shove the solicitors and divorce online. No court appearances, low cost services, no form filling, no need to see that spouse again. Yes, ending a marriage can now be as simple as filling in your Tesco Online shopping list.

You too can divorce online in just a few easy steps…so easy is it in fact, that unless you’re very careful, you might just click the wrong button on the site and find that you’ve accidentally deleted your marrriage, even when you weren’t intending to.

And just in case the first time around isn’t enough to put online divorcee’s off marriage for life, Divorce Online even provide them with a free dating service. Now isn’t that ironic?

Snoring spouses and duvet stealers beware, I suspect that such foibles alone will be sufficient reason for internet dispensed divorce. In which case, I shall be perpetually single…

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3 Responses to Divorce Online

  1. Audrey says:

    We have instant food, instant coffee, instant Degree, instant prayers; I even heard of instant marriage, and now we’ve got instant divorce service offered online… *sigh* Looks like our lives have been dominated by all instant things. How sad.

  2. ukok says:

    That’s a really interesting comment, Audrey, and you’re so right. It’s terribly, terribly sad 😦

  3. onlinedivorcereview says:

    Online divorce is the most cost effective way to get an uncontested divorce.

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