Scripture – Picture 11


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All inspiration images thus far uploaded can be viewed by clicking the Scripture-Picture Tab at the top of the page.


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11 Responses to Scripture – Picture 11

  1. Suzanne says:

    Me too! Such a strong image! Like Peter…he had to learn to be strong!

  2. Christine M says:

    I just love all of your Scripture Pictures. They are beautiful and inspiring. Thanks for sharing these.

  3. ukok says:

    Thanks Lorna, Suzanne and Christine.

    You encourage me to take more when you let me know how much you enjoy the photo’s 🙂

  4. John Bowden says:

    I do hope you’re feeling better by this point and that you were healthy enough to enjoy the retreat. Thank you so much for continuing to post the photos – this one in particular is very nice. As to the “One True Church” post and comments – I simply don’t know how you do it. You must have a gift (most certainly of patience and charity!). +JMJ+ John

  5. Melanie says:

    Oh I LOVE LOVE LOVE this one. My father is Peter, my brother is Matthew, and this is one of my favorite verses. What a wonderful picture to go with it. (Too bad my father left the Church before my birth and my brother practices no faith — but we can keep praying for them to come back!!)

    Also – how is your Dad doing? I’m sorry if I missed an update? I hope he & your mom are doing okay and the repairs to the garage went well!!

  6. ukok says:


    Alas, I didn’t make it to the retreat because I was still feeling unwell, but I do have a holiday on the horizon and that will be all the retreat I need to relaly get my focus back to faith and family 🙂

    Thanks so much for your lovely compliments about the photo ands the clumsy stab at apologeticking!

    God Bless you!


    How sweet of you to think of my Dad, I shall tell him you asked after him, he’ll be chuffed!

    I haven’t updated really. The garage is still in a state of disrepair and the car still damaged, but we’re hoping both matters will be resolved in the next couple of weeks. Dad is fine, the angels were really looking after him that day!

    It’s interesting that your father is named Peter because mine is too!

    Both your brother and father will be in my prayers henceforth. Can I ask for your brothers name? I could put both their names on the parish bulletin when I write it on Friday and they’ll have lot’s of Brit’s praying for them both!

  7. Pastor Andrew says:

    Great picture! I love it!

  8. Scott says:

    man, I really love the photo… great stuff!! I left a comment on my recent post in reply to your comment about my blog… For some reason this kooky biblical blog comes up sometimes, that’s not me!

    give that a try lol

  9. What a beautiful gift you have! These pictures are wonderful!

  10. ukok says:

    Andres, Scott & Child of Mary,

    Thanks so much, I’m thrilled that you like the photo 🙂

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