Last night I went to have a bath and specifically told my son and daughter to behave while I was out of the room for say, 30 minutes….when I returned to the lounge, Wonderboy informed me that he had turned the computer off to help stop our families contribution to global warming.

Hmmmm, I thought….this sounds fishy.

“Wonderboy, what have you done?”, said I.

“Nothing!”, replied Wonderboy.

“Tell the truth, Wonderboy”, said his sister.

“Well, y’know how you said I was never to put magnets on the computer screen….well, I wanted to see what happened…I’m sorry Mum”, said Joe in an a way that almost had me believing that he was completely justified in caving in to his curiosity.

“What!”, I shrieked, “How could you be so stupid!”.

I turned on the computer to find that I now have a patch of what looks like a dark urine coloured stain on every webpage and document, on, in fact, everything viewed on this monitor.

” Get your pyjamas on and have your inhaler, your going to bed. NOW!”, I yelled.

BOYS!!! They exasperate me. Even the adult version.

Edited to add: after doing a little research online I discovered that there were various methods of eliminating the damage. If a monitor has a degauss button on the monitor – click it. Or alternatively, do this . Personally, I found the degauss button and pressed it…

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16 Responses to Boys!

  1. warren says:

    My boys are known for this kind of behaviour too. Let’s see what happens if me microwave a ball of aluminum foil (tinfoil). That sort of thing.


  2. Owen says:

    As I am a boy I fear to comment.

  3. Mimi says:

    When my oldest was in kindy, his monitor in class had a magnet thing.

    I’m glad there’s a button to push to fix it!

  4. Esther says:

    You were lucky Deb. My cousin did this to our TV when he was a little kid. It ruined our set.

  5. This sounds like something my Luke would have done. He was quite notorious. One time he had what he thought was an empty can of spray-paint. He decided to hammer a nail into it! I was in the living room and he was in the bedroom with the door closed. I heard a funny popping sound and….dead silence! I knew that could mean only one thing – trouble! I ran to his room and he was covered in Smurf blue paint! I screamed and ranted for a moment but then I couldn’t help but laugh as he looked so much like a Smurf! Eventually we scrubbed it off him but the sheets…and walls…were never the same again!

  6. titus2woman says:

    Having three boys, this is VERY helpful information! LOL! (((((HUGS))))) sandi

  7. JustMe says:

    …hopping a slow-moving freight train… stealing a 6-pack of candy bars one blizzardy pregnant (for Mom who had to come retrieve him and friend on foot..) day and then having the audacity to sit down in front of the store’s magazine rack to read freely.. climbing a building and looking in 2nd story windows because one could.. racing a seagull on a bicycle that was ordered specifically not to go that far out of town, EVER.. fighting same seagull for a dropped Twinkie.. cutting the phone cord in Mom’s mid-conversation with her mom.. throwing flour down a heating register to see if it would blow upward.. displacing a favorite road sign..

    I do not envy you people who are parents of boys anymore. And Owen, if I were you, I’d hide for a bit. 😉

    Deb, please tell Joe I appreciated the world cooling off for a moment..

  8. JustMe says:

    You hide, too, Warren 😉

  9. ukok says:

    Ah, thanks all, it’s nice to know I’m not alone in this. Joe has been like this almost from the day he was born. I love him so much but he is such a handful!

    Reading your funny and frantic stories about your boy’s made me smile and at the same time thank God that Joe hasn’t yet tried to hammer a nail into an aerosol can or taken to pilferring street signs!

    Oh Boys, aren’t they just wonderful?

  10. Lorna says:

    boys are wonderful and their stories are worth telling and remembering 🙂

    now teens – mmmm – in the thick of it- if I live to tell the tale I will 🙂

  11. ukok says:

    boys are wonderful and their stories are worth telling and remembering

    Indeed they are, Lorna!


  12. John Bowden says:

    I’m afraid the compelling urge to find out “what if”; to find out if everyone else was right about so and so happening; to just simply NEED to prove it to yourself when you’re a boy . . . well . . . if it’s THAT compelling wouldn’t one think it’s a gift from God!?!

    It’s what scientists, inventors, artists, musicians, philosphers etc. are made from . . . snakes, snails, and puppy dog’s tails and that overwhelming need to FIND OUT! (My pardon to all you ladies and girls but this IS about boys after all).

    When all is said and done isn’t it a wonder more boys don’t die young?!?

    +JMJ+ John

  13. I am not a boy and I want to try this! I won’t because I do not want to mess anything up; however, it shounds GRAND to try! LOL

  14. John Bowden nailed it perfectly….just luckily it wasn’t into an aerosol can!!!

  15. JustMe says:

    Exactly so, JB. We’d not have air travel nor perhaps even media if not for boys needing to know, to find out how or if, and we’d not have so much else. And the girls were far easier to raise until they hit 12 years of age or so… Really, boys go to the hospital a lot all through their coming of age, but gosh, they don’t have meltdowns over bad hair days.

  16. ukok says:

    John, you’re pip on of course! I am hoping and praying that my dear hyperactive and intensely inquisitive son will indeed be able to channel his curiosity to do life enhancing things. He’s fabulous at constructing things – he used to spend hours setting up toy soldiers, then he’d knock em all down without even playing with them – I used to just think he was mad, but he said that for him the fun was in setting the whole scene up meticulously.

    I am so very much aware of the truth of your final sentence that I do not allow Joe to play outside the garden with the local children. In part because the other kids are all danger-bent skateboarding down the busy (hilly) street and destroying other peoples property. I know that if someone told him he could have a lot of fun swallowing razor blades, he’d probably try it. We parents of such boys have to be so careful, and yet it’s so hard to balance things so that they get just enough (possibly supervised) freedom.

    Thanks for your insight, John!


    What worries me, is that when I worked hout how to fix the problem with the computer, I too wanted to try it!




    That was so funny about the ‘bad hair days’!

    Oh yes, what fun, my daughter is ever complaining that she has acne (a very few spots on her nose and chin – but she thinks she has a severe case of acne) and my son is like, “Yeah, you do, it looks really awful”….which doesn’t help at all! I am so glad to have a son and a daughter, I am truly blessed, but I don’t always feel it when they are winding one another up.

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