Innocent until proven guilty – The McCann Mystery

Kate and Gerry McCann have officially been given ‘arguido’ status – they’ve been made official suspects in the investigation into the disappearance of their 4 year old daughter, 128 days ago, during their holiday in Portugal.

I have only previously written prayer requests for Madeleine’s safe return, and at this juncture I have no comment to make as to whether her parents played a part in her disappearance. How could I? I don’t know what happened.

What I do know, however, is that it takes only a nannosecond for public support to turn to suspicion. Prayer vigils turn into witchhunts, all too often on the whim of the Press. We are a fickle people.

Had Madeleine been discovered by now, whether alive or not, then perhaps one could comment on the irresponsibility of leaving a four year old unattended in an unfamiliar foreign hotel complex. I do have an opinion on that, but it seems an unsavoury thing to do, to shovel hot coals of guilt onto an already burdened family, does it not?

So for now, I must say that my thoughts and prayers are with Madeleine, wherever she may be, and yes, for her parents, who are innocent until sufficient evidence can prove otherwise. Please dear reader, join me in praying the following prayer…

A Prayer for the Missing

O, Blessed Mother and St Joseph,
you searched when your Son Jesus
disappeared when he was twelve.
You would not give up
until he was found.
You know the pain of having someone missing,
and the joy of finding them,
as you found your son.
Help those who are searching now,
to find the answers to their questions,
and an end to their searching.
Inspire people to be vigilant,
so that their eyes and ears
may see and hear news that will bring hope.
Comfort those who feel lonely and sad
because the one they love has vanished.
Be with them in the storm
and guide them in their efforts.
We ask this through Christ our Lord.



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12 Responses to Innocent until proven guilty – The McCann Mystery

  1. Esther says:

    We will continue to pray for this family. Thank you Deb for reminding us that they are innocent until proven guilty.

  2. Yes, Deb. I prayed the prayer. We must make no assumptions. At first I thought perhpas she is guilty after hearing just a snippet of the story as the media always gives us. Then I heard a panel of intelligent, educated people discussing it and I realized there is really a lot more to this question. The police of course, who apparently have not done the most stellar job of investigating need somone to blame– perhaps. I certainly don’t know what happened to Madeleine. But we must give her parents the benefit of the doubt until proven otherwise. God bless them, in any case, and may their innocence be demonstrated by Madeleine’s return!

  3. Sofia says:

    A prayer from Portugal for the McCanns (Kate, Gerry, Maddie, Sean and Amelie).

  4. Terry says:

    I do not believe they are guilty of this.

  5. Lorna says:

    They are at least guilty of being irresponsible by leaving a 4 year old alone – what if there had been a fire?

    I don’t know what to make of this case at all – it’s had huge public interest – and so many prayers – but there’s been no sighting of the little one and yes my heart grieves for her.

  6. ukok says:


    You nailed it on how the police did not ‘apparantly’ do a very good job at the beginning of the investigation. I think that’s a large contributor in why they now have no hard evidence on anything. It was a shambles by all accounts thus reported in the press.

    There’s a show over here called ‘Heaven and Earth’, I don’t usually get to see it cos it’s on when I’m at Mass, but one time I wasn’t well a few weeks ago I watched it. Kate and Gerry were interviewed by a fellow Christian presenter and I have to say that I was bowled over by their calmness and it did make me think ‘how can this be’?, but then I know that God can do ANYTHING! And was angry at myself for even doubting the blessings God can give us to enable us to endure even the gravest of situations.

    It may be that we never know, but if it did turn out to be that the parents are in fact guilty of harming or covering up even the accidental death of their daughter, then they could have won an oscar for their performance on that show I watched!

    I err on the side that they are innocent. I certainly hope they are. Prayers ascend for the family.


    Thank you for passing by here and for joining us in prayer for the family. I imagine there is little of anything else to be read in the Portuguese newspapers, no?


    I agree. And if I had to be pushed I would say that it was downright irresponsible of two highly educated professionals to make such a decision. No night out is worth the risk of anything happening to our children.

    God Bless!

  7. I found the development a bit bewildering. I am still praying; whatever the outcome they need our prayers.

    They have asked Our Lady of Fatima to help them and I cannot think she would refuse.

    God bless

  8. Sofia says:

    Ukok, yes there has been great media attention and it’s beginning to be fairly balanced after the initial bang. It’s been said that the ADN could have been result of moving the family’s (and Maddie’s) personal items from the original ocean club resort to the rented villa. Some leading reporters, scientists and the head of the police have offered a bit of perspective on all this and a cooler outlook on a tv debate last night. There’s still a lot of doubt in the media, but gradually it’s becoming less accusing of the McCann family.

  9. marie says:

    I dont know why there is such resentment because Kate has not shed tears in public. I am also rather self contained and at my mothers funeral I shed NO tears. Many thought me cold, but I did my weeping in private.

    The police have allowed the crime scene to become corrupted there is no way they can now find ‘evidence’. What a FIASCO!

    Police Officer Goncalo Amaral is also not the best person to be investigating such a crime with HIS record! As I have written on my own blog.

    I will be keeping Madeleine in my prayers and her family:)

    Peace to you all:)


  10. marie says:

    PS: Love that prayer TY UKOK:)

    Peace to you:)


  11. Anastasia says:

    this is a very good point, marie. I attended the funeral of a young man a few months ago and his wife, mother of his two children, was very calm and composed. She looked tired but she did not shed a tear. Others were openly crying. She was staid. Did anyone think it was because she didn’t care? I should hope not. I’m sure she was numb. she had kids to care for. She had to keep it together. Same with this mother–she has other children. Mothers with young kids don’t have the privilege of falling apart.

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