You may remember that a few weeks ago I mentioned that I was having a bit of a sort out and getting some stuff together to give to charity. Well, during my sort out, and this will give you a big hint about housekeeping not being one of my strong points….I actually discovered 5 ‘spent’ rolls of film from my ‘pre-digital’ days. Now I’ve been using digital cameras for the last 3 – 5 years so these films had been lying at the back of drawers and cupboards and even in old handbags, for years! I knew there’d be a good chance that they were no longer any good, but since the likelihood was that they would have snaps of my kids on, I had to take the chance of developing them.

The company I use in town informed me that I would still have to pay even if the films were corrupt – but I decided it was worth it, and I’m so glad I took the chance because there were a few family shots that were really nice.

Wanna see them?

Okay, I’ll show you anyway….

Now this is going to make you all really envious….for all you non Brit’s out there….this is what a traditional British holiday consists of….except a) Dad isn’t wearing a knotted hankie on his head and b) bizzarely, it isn’t raining!


In this next picture my darling children actually look genuinely loving, so it’s a real keeper!


In this next one Primadonna and Wonderboy look really sweet together too…..what changed?


Here’s one of Mum and Wonderboy about 3+ years ago…


and finally there’s me and Wonderboy on the beach, we’re huddling up to one another on a rather blustery day…


So, it would seem that housekeeping does have it’s benefits after all…who’d have thought it would take me 39 years to learn this? With my failing memory however, I can not guarantee that I will remember …

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6 Responses to Predigitalis

  1. Mimi says:

    Such great photos. I found a roll a few weeks ago, I need to get them developed myself!

  2. Esther says:

    What a nice surprise for you Deb. Thanks for sharing them and for reminding like Mimi, we have to pick up photos too (over two weeks now!!)

  3. Scott says:

    that’s just really nifty! I love photos and my wife is a scrapbookin’ wild woman so I am really lucky there. We’ve got all our memories immortalized in scrapbooks and in digital pics!

  4. What great photos. Thanks for sharing them. I’ve actually found rolls of film that were older than that! And they’re always fun to get developed!

  5. marie says:

    When my niece and nephew were growing up they couldnt stand one another..fight, fight, fight. Now that both are grown up they are best friends.

    Things work out in time:) Thank goodness lol.

    Your children are a credit to you Deb:)

    Peace & blessings to you all:)


  6. Therese says:

    We didn’t really take many photos before we got our digital camera. Steve bought the camera and he tended to take phots a lot when we first got it. I only took them on occasions when he asked me to take one with him in it. Since I have been blogging I am more interested in taking photos. I like sharing them.

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