About Me

You may or may not have noticed that I removed the ‘about me’ tab from the blog some time ago. I removed it because:

  1. I’d never really compiled a proper ‘about me’ page to start off with.
  2. Because writing about myself could be construed as having some narcissistic element (what! a blogger who is narcissistic? nah…. could never happen, right?)
  3. I had simply used a meme as the basis for my ‘about me’ page and it was very, very long and very, very, boring.
  4. Because I simply didn’t know if readers of Ukok’s Place would be interested in reading about the blog’s author anyway.

…and then I realised something…

I noticed that whenever I visit the blog of a fairly new blog friend, the very first thing I look for is an ‘about me’ button. Now, I don’t want to read page after page of a persons life story, I don’t have time, and if I read a shorter biography, I’m going to be spending more time reading the persons posts and getting a real ‘feel’ for who they are anyway, but….but…but…. I do want to read something about the author of the blog I’m reading!

I  think then,  that I would like to add an ‘about me’ tab after all, but I don’t want it to be ‘a hundred things you never wanted to know about me and were never interested in asking anyway’,  kind of thing. So, my question to you is, what do you think constitutes a *good* introduction to me.

What can I say about myself in an ‘about me’ section that will help to convey who I am, what I do and why I’m here?

I know I could probably work this out on my own, but I’m biased, it’s my blog, I’ll read what I write anyway… but for some bizarre reason you, my friends,  keep coming back for more,  so you probably have a better ‘take’ on me than I do on myself!

I’d love your input on this. Thanks in advance!

God Bless!

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10 Responses to About Me

  1. Melanie says:

    Let’s see — if I was going to suggest someone read your blog — what would I tell them? That you’re a mom with 2 children, that you’re Catholic (not sure if the convert is necessary, although your conversion story is one that definitely merits reading — so yes, that you’re a convert), that you’re in the UK, that you are very creative and have this great e-card site as well as an interesting blog. Oh, and your handmade card hobby!

    I think “about me”s should be short & sweet – – and I do agree that I usually look for one on new blogs that I visit. Sometimes it’s nice to know that they’re an atheist who hates kids b4 I spend too much time reading! LOL

  2. The think I liked about your past intro was the emphasis first on your faith.

    I also think it helpful to know your general age, what generation you are from, no need to be specific.

    I’m also curious about where you are in the world and perhaps what your passions are.

  3. marie says:

    What I look for in the ‘about me’ is the persons core beliefs. Their private lives dont really concern me and to be honest in today’s world it may be dangerous to say too much.

    I also look for favourite movies and books to see if we have common ground as in tastes. But that is about it.

    I hope this helps:)


  4. Holly says:

    Something brief (100 to 200 words) with links to important biographical posts. For example, when you mention your daughter you could link to the post explaining the death of her father and how you were left a single mother.

  5. Libbie says:

    agree with all of that – short and sweet, with everything you’d want to tell someone about yourself if you only had 30 seconds to do it.

  6. Jackie says:

    whatever you feel like really!

  7. ukok says:


    that’s a good point about the atheist/non Christians, because while I have non Christian and atheist friends, I have come across blatant Christian bashing on more than enough blogs …though I doubt Christian-baters would put ‘Catholic/Christian – hater/bater’ in their profile, if a person claims to be Christian they are, broadly speaking, going to offer more palatable reading material.


    I hadn’t thought about giving my age/generation, that’s probably a good thing to mention too, thanks!


    I agree, it doesn’t have to be gushingly personal, I don’t want to read anything too personal in anyone else’s about me section so why would anyone want to read anything like that about me….anyway, that’s what blog posts are for!


    Fabulous idea about linking to previous biographical posts. Hadn’t thought of that, thanks for that great tip!


    What a fab idea about the 30 second intro,I might just do that…only I’m of the perfectionist persuasion, so although I might want to, I’ll probably rewrite, rewrite, rewrite….but I’ll try it just for fun anyway!

  8. Joe says:

    I agree with all the comments above. Holly has a good idea about linking to significant biographic posts. For instance I discovered in the “online dating” post that you are seriously catholic, female, a mother, annulled, and considering a religious vocation. That made me curious about your opinion on many other matters.

  9. John Bowden says:

    Perhaps your own blog posts could give you some ideas. You might consider browsing back through your stuff – it’s only 3 years worth after all – my guess is that you’ll find out lots about yourself. No rush, but we’ll certainly look forward to the result! Funny, when I read this post I thought to myself “Do I have an ‘About’ blurb on my blog?”. I’d forgotten, I do, and upon reading it I’m happy with it still!

    On this Feast of Saint Francis, icon of gentleness and love in a world that often seems filled with violence and hate, may you, all you hold dear, and any who visit here be inspired by your witness to the beauty of God’s handiwork and the joy of Christ’s love for us!

  10. logtar says:

    I wrestle with the About Me page probably every six months… I have an about me that links you to all the other… (what would you like to knows… personality, memes, etc.)

    I have settled for the little blurb and the would you like to know more… but I never have the warm and fuzzy that I am really telling people what they want to know about me (everyone is different).

    I don’t talk much about my faith even though I am Catholic… it is a sore subject in some ways and I do not like sounding preachy… I find it that people respond the best to non confrontation when it comes to religion… (for a while I had God is my homey on my about me and you have no idea how much hate mail I got from just that… people thought I was disrespecting God…)

    I think it has to be something personal and true about you… the way you see yourself, even it if sounds narcisistic… my favorite thing online was the jahori’s window (posted under my personality test collection)… I got a good sense of how people saw me vs what I saw of myself.


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