Thanksgiving E-Card

Okay, I don’t really ‘get’ Thanksgiving at all since I’m a non – Thanksgiving – celebrating- Brit, but I do appreciate that my Canadian and American friends consider this an important holiday. I suppose it’s somewhat similar to what we Brit’s would call a ‘Harvest’ festival and also where in our schools and sometimes our Churches, we gather food and give thanks for it and then share it with the needy. But traditionally, we Brits only eat Turkey and all the trimmings on December 25th.

Anyhow, I thought it would be nice to acknowledge the Thanksgiving celebration of my friends overseas, so here’s an E-Card for my Canadian friends who celebrate their Thanksgiving this weekend! Have a great time….and yeah, don’t you know, it’s a vintage card of a woman holding the Turkey…..and of course she’s thin too…. and has delicately flushed cheeks…and has no greasy splatter stains all over her….gah!


and here’s another….I’d best not make any quips about enormous turkeys chasing little boys….


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10 Responses to Thanksgiving E-Card

  1. barbszy says:

    Lovely cards!
    Yeah, I always look like that beautiful woman in the top picture when I am serving a dinner it took 6 hours to make. She’s probably wearing high heels too. LOL!

  2. warren says:

    They do eat Turkey over there, right?

    The thing is a lot of canadians eat Turkey this one day only, and other than Turkey bacon or turkey luncheon meat, that might be it for Turkey this year.


  3. warren says:

    Were there ever bows like that in real life, or only in the minds of the love-sick regency or victorian period artists? I think that’s the prettiest part of her outfit. The giant enormous bow on the back. She would be catching those on everything. They go halfway up to her shoulders, and almost down to her knees.


  4. Mimi says:

    I *think* she changed before serving it, right? Grin.

  5. ukok says:


    Oh yeah, I bet she does have high heals….and unladdered stockings too!


    The Bow is delightful isn’t it….but that turkey must be made of plastic because have you noticed how delicate her slim hands are and how she lifts that big beasty really high!

    Perhaps she’s a weight lifter in disguise?


    of course she did….because she’s perfect! She timed the cooking exactly to allow for her to change her clothes before her hubbie came home from the office!

  6. marie says:

    We dont have ‘Thanksgiving’ here either lol. But I love the cards you posted.

    On our blog ‘View from the pews’ Ginny and I are requesting that other bloggers join us in a prayer for world peace at least once a week.

    I dont know Deb if you have ‘world peace prayer cards’?

    I hope that many will join us and place a prayers for peace on their own blogs:).

    Peace & blessings to you:)


  7. Therese says:

    So do the Canadians celebrate Thanksgiving at a different time to the Americans?

  8. Jennifer says:

    Thanks…I have my pumpkin pie in the oven right now ( I was up at 6 to start cooking…LOL). My turkey is in the fridge and it’s going to be yummy 🙂

    And since I am Canadian…we celebrate Thanksgiving on the first Monday in October. The USA celebrate it at the end of November…I think the last Thursday in November.

    And we eat turkey at other times…at least I do. In the winter I cook roast beef, turkey, chicken or ham every Sunday for Sunday dinner.

    This year I have alot to be thankful for…it’s a better year than it was at this time last year 🙂

  9. Mimi says:

    I think the last Thursday in November.

    Fourth Thursday in November (which isn’t always the last one).

    Happy Thanksgiving to the Canadians celebrating today!

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