Christmas Craft Competition

I hereby announce the comment box of the Competition post open – not the com box of this post, because that would be too confusing. The competition is open to Blog friends of Ukok’s Place who want to have their names put in a draw to win the following selection of handcrafted Christmas goodies, made by yours truly.


I will allocate each name in the com box, a number and then use a random number generator to choose the winning number (just like last time I ran a competition). The closing date for entries is 12 midnight on November 15th. After which I will send the items pictured above, to the winner!

The prize is just a very small selection of blank handcrafted cards suitable for the winner to send to children, a special someone, and family and friends. (I’d send more but have to keep in mind the post and packaging charges).

Until the contest ends I will add this as a tab at the top of the page so it can be easily located. God Bless!

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