Credo Christian E-Cards – Sunflowers

Dunno about your part of the world, but it’s raining over here in England and I need me something sunny to cheer me up!


To send this or any of my -up to now- 75 E-Cards please visit Credo Christian E-Cards.

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2 Responses to Credo Christian E-Cards – Sunflowers

  1. Esther says:

    I love sunflowers! And, daisies too. They are such happy flowers. I love this e-card. You know something Deb? Now that I want to use them more and more, I don’t have occasion. Wish some birthdays, etc. would pop up 🙂

  2. ukok says:


    I’m glad you like this!

    As for occassions, I would just perhaps say to you that we don’t need special occassions to let people know how much we care for them. I’m sure that just a dip into your email address book would show many names of people whom your heart holds dear….but I’m not trying to pressure you into using the site , I’m just offering a different way of looking at things 🙂

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