About Emails

It’s been bought to my attention that I no longer have an email address on the blog for those who want to contact me privately. I have now rectified that. I’ve added my email address in the text box, over there on the right.

May I also please ask that those of you who have recently asked me to email you about something, please email me first, partly because I am SO forgetful and partly so that if I fail to find your comment containing a request for me to email you ( and therefore do not email you) you will not think I am ignoring you.

In truth, I am much more likely to respond to emails than comments as I don’t always have access to or time to respond to comments or requests for me to email you (often I have to do a search to find your email addy and can’t find it anyway), but I do check my email inbox regularly.

Many thanks to you!

God Bless

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One Response to About Emails

  1. Scott says:

    it’s good to have an e-mail policy! lol well done 🙂

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