Blessed Richard Gwyn ~ October 25th


Richard was a Welshman who lived in the sixteenth century. Queen Elizabeth I ruled England and Wales. Because most people in Wales were still Catholic, the queen and her officials tried to crush the faith by cruel laws. Priests or people who were loyal to the Holy Father were put in prison. They were often tortured and killed. Richard became a Catholic after he had finished college and had become a teacher.

Before long, he was a hunted man. He escaped from jail once and a month later was arrested again. “You will be freed,” he was told, “if you will give up the Catholic faith.” Blessed Richard absolutely refused. He was brought to a non-Catholic church by force. He upset the preacher’s whole sermon by clanking his chains loudly. Furious, the officials put him in the stocks for eight hours, and many came to abuse and insult him.


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