Dame Helen Mirren ‘disgusted’ by childbirth

 Mirren, who I had previously somewhat admired as an actress, has deprived herself of the blessing of children because the thought of childbirth disgusts her. I’m sure she believes that she is fulfilled, but how I pity her, because there is nothing, nothing, nothing so fulfilling, so incredible, so heartening, so rewarding as giving birth to and raising your own children.

Yes, giving birth is messy, yes giving birth is agonising, but the instant that both my babies were put into my arms the pain was forgotten, the indignity faded to nothingness …. and I would do it all again in an instant, if only I hadn’t have been sterilised in an period of utter despair, long before my conversion.

God forgive me.

And God, how I thank you and weep tears of joy for the blessing you have bestowed upon an unworthy sinner such as I. Thank you Lord for the gift of my beautiful children.

I wonder, has Mirren considered that she herself would not be here if her own mother was of a similar persuasion?

I believe it’s called embracing the cross, to endure an agony, so that some greater good might come about….perhaps self-sacrifice is an unfamiliar concept to her?

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19 Responses to Dame Helen Mirren ‘disgusted’ by childbirth

  1. barbszy says:

    Frankly, the idea of childbirth scared me to death. But as you say, there’s a greater good here. What a shame that she never knew that blessing because she thought it was too disgusting.

  2. Esther says:

    Without judging her either way, what I wouldn’t have done to be given the opportunity to experience childbirth. Instead, God delivered a bouncing 5 year old into my arms 😉

  3. John Bowden says:

    Mayhaps the good Dame will have the conversion experience you were blessed with. Just think what could happen! We can only pray! God bless your WHOLE FAMILY! +JMJ+

  4. Lorna says:

    we’re all different Deb and it’s good that some people recognise that they aren’t cut out to be mums.

  5. Renee says:

    Those of us that have had children know all the poor lady has missed. She may not have been called to motherhood, though, and either way, I hope she has experienced the blessings of loving others.

  6. delwilliams says:

    I would rather her admit she did not want a child then to have some unwanted child inflicted on society. Her views about her choice has nothing to do with her talent as an actress. They are two different roles. She chose one and you chose another. Neither of you is wrong, just women who have a choice.

  7. ukok says:

    I think the problem is that she didn’t choose not to be a mother because she was in posession of full knowledge of the overwhelming and immense love that she would have for her own child that would eradicate the negative feelings about the necessary acto of childbirth (and at worse due to her srong feelings, she could have likely been eligbale for an elective caesarian), she chose not to be a mother based on a relatively short period of pain, indignity, blood and yuck of a vaginal delivery.

    Who is to say that she would have made a bad mother, based on her feelings about the act of childbirth itself? I think that’s a huge assumption to make. I was extremely fearful of childbirth. I liked being pregnant (eventually), but when I realised the baby had to come out I was terribly anxious. I had a hellish labour too, the first time around!

    The other thing is, that no-one knows how many babies Mirren actually may have had without her even realising it, because we are aware now of the abortificient nature of contraception.

    And one last point I would add, is that if it is a choice, then it is, presuming that she is/was fertile, a choice to (possibly) prevent a fertilised egg from attaching itself to the lining of her womb. Which isn’t a choice not to have childen, but rather, a choice to prevent the baby from being born.

  8. AutumnRose says:

    …I feel compassion for her. I thought she seemed rather ‘traumatised’ by her experience, in fact I think she used that word in the interview I read. We cannot expect her to hold our views about contraception, as she isn’t a Catholic. Before I converted, I used the contraceptive pill for many years and was then sterilised ~ I was never aware I was doing anything wrong. Most women don’t know that the pill can work (not always but sometimes) as an abortificant, if it doesn’t first prevent ovulation. Why do we judge people who aren’t Catholics by Catholic standards? (I say ‘we’ because I sometimes fall into that trap).

    Perhaps some women are not ‘cut out’ to be ordained into the ministry of Motherhood. Perhaps too if she had had the right kind of helpful listening/compassion earlier on, she could have got over her traumatic experience. Who’s to know?

    Just another pov 🙂
    AR xx

  9. Bless her heart. That is what a Southern girl says about somebody she feels is beyond the pale in some way. It is a subtle cutdown when a Southern belle says that. I’m not a belle and I wouldn’t want to cut down anybody. But bless her heart.

  10. ukok says:


    I am not devoid of compassion for her and as a non-Catholic I too had used methods of contraception. But I am Catholic now, and my faith runs through the veins of me, I can’t pretend not to have an opinion on what protestants do, and only write about Catholics. Catholicism and relativism do not stand side by side. I’m not sorry to say that I don’t believe there is one law for Catholics and another for protestants – even though the non-Catholic does not live a life in accordance with the dogmatic teachings of the Holy Catholic Church, I won’t condone their actions through ignorance. Ignorance may explain action or inaction, but it doesn’t excuse it.


    Bless her heart indeed!

  11. AutumnRose says:

    We’ll just have to agree we see things rather differently, Ukok 😉 Please excuse my honesty, but some of the comments here smack of self-righteousness.

    Remember too, “Lord jesus Christ, have mercy on me a sinner”…are we the tax collector of Luke 18, or the Pharisee?

    I may write a blog post myself about this, so please don’t be offended if it seems to be pointed at your statement above. I will try and keep it as open and general as possible! I just think it’s a subject worth exploring.

  12. AutumnRose says:

    Gee, reading that back, I sound self-righteous also!!! I find we don’t often agree, so perhaps it would be better for me to comment only on the ‘safer’ posts!

    I’m not very good at these kind of discussions, and don’t know how to word strong feelings very appropriately, so forgive my clumsiness. I would like to remove my previous comment, but as it stands it is a good exercise in being humbled, so perhaps should remain 🙂

    Blessings, AR xxx

  13. ukok says:


    I’d appreciate if you could point out my self righteousness, and if you could clarify when ‘having an opinion’, becomes self-rightousness?

    FWIW you are free to disagree with me, without being accusatory, but I do feel a little hurt by your recent words thrown in my direction such as ‘self-righteous’ and ‘judgemental’.

    I do forgive you any ‘clumsiness’ on your part, and I ask you to forgive me if my honesty and bluntness causes you offence.

  14. AutumnRose says:

    Yes, I understand, it would have been better not to open my mouth! I do struggle sometimes to express myself properly, but I felt uncomfortable with what was said. Having said that, it is none of my business to comment on your opinions, I admit that. This is your blog, and of course you are entitled to right what you think! D’oh…I shoot myself in the foot sometimes…

    “…and I ask you to forgive me if my honesty and bluntness causes you offence.”

    I think offence is too strong a word, I just see it differently, that’s all.

    I think maybe there are some blogs I just shouldn’t comment on! 🙄

    No harm done, I hope… 🙂

  15. ukok says:


    You should certainly continue to comment if you feel so inclined, there is absolutely no harm done 🙂

  16. AutumnRose says:

    Thank you, Ukok, your graciousness is much appreciated! 🙂

  17. brr says:

    …..I would never ever love to have–any of you ladies, as my mum..(except AutumnRose..:-) )…you sound “weird”…you are so critical, maybe not so judgmental, however very shallow thinking though.. indeed..I am sorry for you regardless how many kids you have..

  18. Brannon says:

    I agree with Dame Helen Mirren. Childbirth is disgusting. I also find infants disgusting. But to each his own.

  19. Julie says:

    I knew I liked that woman. Long past child bearing years; no regrets. Is it an experience I didn’t have? Yes. Did I “miss” anything? No. Can’t miss something you didn’t want in the first place. I’m very glad that women like me who were never remotely interested in children no longer have to mess about with it.

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