He’s growing up too fast!


I tried to bribe my cheeky son into sitting on my knee for a cuddle and he looked at me as if I was demented. There was a time when he wanted my attention perpetually and I had to prise him off my knee so that I could go to the bathroom….but it seems that as the years have rolled by, so has my son’s need for the affirming hugs and cuddles. Oh, he still does want and need affection of course, but he is not so ready to acknowledge it anymore!

In fact, when I attempted to cajole him tonight, saying,

“oh, c’mon, don’t be a meany, come and sit on my knee and give your poor Mum a hug”

he replied,

“Mum, you’re not Santa, I don’t have to sit on your knee ….and I’m not going to get a present out of it even if I do!”

Sharp that boy, sharp as a blade.

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8 Responses to He’s growing up too fast!

  1. barbszy says:

    “And her heart will be pierced by a sword.”

    My teenage boy doesn’t hug me either. I have to content myself with his compliments on my cooking.

    I guess that you’ll have to hang in there until you become a Grandma–and then you can have unlimited hugs from your grandchildren.

  2. They grow up so quickly…

  3. Mimi says:

    Tee hee. So true.

  4. Esther says:

    Oh boy! I’m fortunate that Joey still loves to be hugged and kissed by me at least.

  5. ukok says:

    Esther, you are fortunate! I’ve seen a huge change in Wonderboy since he went up to high school last year. Huge doesn’t actually describe the change actually. He’s only just 12 , I was expecting these changes to happen further down the line, in a gradual way, not as in, starting school and changing overnight!

  6. Joe says:

    12 is a year of change. First stirrings of puberty, and peer acceptance starts to overshadow parental affection. He won’t tell you, but he still likes for you to hug him, but not in front of his friends. It is a good year for a male role model to interact with him. A coach, a priest, his father, someone to show him what being a man is all about. He will still need Mum when he feels fragile. Good luck!


  7. ukok says:


    What a fab, uplifting comment, thanks so much for that encouragement 🙂

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