Man sentenced for urinating on a dying woman

Oh, Lord, my God, forgive me, but I must admit to finding it incomprehensible to understand how this man can have been made in your image.

Please click this link then read the story and pray for the deceased and for the purpetrator and also for the onlookers who failed to act in the womans defence.

Lord, have Mercy!

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4 Responses to Man sentenced for urinating on a dying woman

  1. Esther says:

    This may be just as bad as the infamous Kitty Genovese case in NY where no one went to the aide of a woman being murdered. Those people may have been scared to get involved. Who knows. But his guy depraved actions showed he did it for entertainment. Sick.

  2. barbszy says:

    God grant eternal rest to the woman and comfort to her family. And may God touch the heart of the young man and those who stood by while he assaulted a dying woman. May the young man repent, and may those who stood by be given courage to stand up for what is right and good in the future.

  3. Lorna says:

    not sure though why “The fact that Christine was dying makes this man’s actions even more sick and inhumane.” this would have been a sick and inhumane act anyway.

  4. ukok says:


    in a way I hope you are right that the onlookers were scared to get involved, because from what I’ve read, the onlookers were laughing and cheering the man on 😦


    What an abgsolutely beautiful prayer. It surely must convey your beautiful heart.


    I think the word ‘more’ is key, because you are right that it certainly would have been sick and inhumane anyway, but was made ‘more’ so, as is written in the excerpt you quoted.

    ‘More sick and inhumane’, I would say, because of the fact that she couldn’t get free and go to a hospital or a police station unaided and no one present wanted to helop her but further cause her pain, distress and indignity.

    Terribly, terribly sad.

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