Are tat’s all that?

I was reading something over at Lorna’s place that had me nodding my head in agreement. Now Lorna and I are poles apart on many things pertaining to faith issues, so it’s nice when we can agree, on anything really. LOL! And what is it that we agree on?

Tattoos. (though joking aside, we do agree on other things)

When I was a teenager, before tattoos and nose piercings became popular – yes, there was a time when you could look a shop assistant in the eye and not be sidetracked by the chunk of ear or eyebrow that had been skewered, hole punched, filled with fiendish pieces of metal – I vowed that when I left home I would have both.

I thought it would be a testament to how I perceived myself as being a bit odd anyway and different from the other teens I knew…. yes, there was also the sense of wanting to be thoroughly offensive and attention seeking too!

The thing is, when I did leave home and was of an age to express myself through making such choices, lots of other people had already started having piercings and tats and that’s when I chose to opt to be different by not doing what everyone else had then started to do.

I am so pleased, nowadays, that I didn’t have anything like that done. Some tattoos can be beautifuly artistic, but for the most part, I find them vulgar, offensive or inane ( I love Shirley, Sharon, Sheena, Samantha….must date someone whose name begins with an ‘S’…..).

I tend to dislike them on women far more than on men too. Probably because I have liked a few too many men who are rough aound the edges and have decorated skin themselves!

My Dad was in the Navy in the 60’s and almost all the navy lads had tattoo’s in those days, but now, the large tattoed mermaid on his arm looks a bit saggy and baggy and she just doesn’t do her sexy wiggle dance any more! Sorry Dad!

My dad also has a huge eagle tattood across his chest and when I was about 5 or 6 I apparantly told someone that I liked to sit on my daddy’s knee and pull the hairs out of his ‘pigeon’… said nowadays, a kid could be whisked off to social services for making such a statement…

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8 Responses to Are tat’s all that?

  1. Lorna says:

    interesting … wondering why you find them more offensive on women than on men though 🙂

  2. Lorna says:

    oh and btw we agree on quite a lot I think – amazingly 🙂

  3. Lorna says:

    and last week I was in a RC cathedral … and thought of you. What was interesting was the lay out because the altar was more or less in the centre (narthex) and I wondered if it meant that the priest faced some of the people and had his back to others. (I suppose it has to have meant that) .. and I wonder if that helps those who really don’t like the Vatican II reforms – they can sit behind him 🙂

    It was beautiful though – full of space and light -and one amazingmodern stained glass window. I bought a postcard. wonder where I put it ….

  4. Holly says:

    I work with the elderly so that has been enough to warn me off tattoos. They don’t look good on wrinkly skin (not that I think they look good on young skin) and chances are you won’t be as keen on the message 50 years later.
    I think less of people with tattoos- or not less of them exactly, more that they are not my kind of people. I like rational thinking and foresight, and tattoos indicate to me that they are more spontaneous and short-sighted than I prefer. Not a turn on.

  5. logtar says:

    Still trying to recuperate from the pigeon statement!

    Tats are a personal choice that too many people that don’t have them like to talk about. I sometimes wonder if it is a thing they want but don’t have the guts to do it…

    I hear the talk about piercings but not as much as tattoos. I love my tattoo and will probably get more done. While there has been some people that are negative towards it, I have found more positive from it.

  6. Alexa says:

    Tatoos are a grown up way of writing on yourself – only, it’s permanent. I tod my grown son, who is thinking of one, to draw what he wants (or have someone artistic do it) on his arm in some permanent type ink and don’t wash it for awhile – see how it feels.
    You can always wash it off and try a different one.

    I don’t “get” why anyone would want it permanent – but then, same with blog templates…

    Maybe that’s it! Maybe people like something on them that is always going to be the same —- well, until we sag.

    And weeze gonna.

  7. Libbie says:

    I wouldn’t have my two done if I had my time again. But that’s hindsight for you. At least I didn’t have them in potentially droopy places and they’re black, not multi-coloured, so they’ll only turn inky blue.

  8. Love the pigeon remark LOL!!!!!!

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