Things that go bump in the night

As if to confirm my own recent observations about the state of the NHS, another survey  concludes that patients are more greatly at risk at night, between the hours of 10pm and 6am. 140,000 incidents have been recorded in one year alone! These incidents include surgery errors as well as falls, medication errors, patients toilet needs not being met etc.

Joyce Robins, of Patient Concern, said:

“All too often patients, particularly the elderly, are not given the help they need at night”

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3 Responses to Things that go bump in the night

  1. and most accidents occur at home … probably also at night. Makes me want to stay in bed 🙂

  2. Alexa says:

    I can totally attest to that, Deb! In Florida, where George died in the hospital, I was so acutely aware that he didn’t get the care at night that he did during the daytime that I went to the hospital at 3am the morning he died. He died at 7am – it’s a good thing I had the hunch to go…

  3. Libbie says:

    Oh, the stories I’ve read recently. Shameful. Nursing has changed so much even in the short time since my dear mum did it.

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