Hiding on Halloween

Am I the only one who draws the curtains, locks the door, turns the lights down low and pretends that I’m not home when the neighbourhood children knock on the door on Halloween? Can’t be doing with it….

Bah Humbug!

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6 Responses to Hiding on Halloween

  1. warren says:

    Ooh. That’s very fuddy-duddy of you. Big of you to admit it though.


  2. Hidden One says:

    I decided my only form of -celebration- would be to carry my container of holy water around all day.

  3. logtar says:

    I partied like it was sanctioned!

  4. some of us go out instead 🙂

    seriously hallowe’en hasn’t been a thing here but on Weds two kids (together) came to my friend’s house when I was there dressed as a vampire and some other nasty thing … luckily she had some candy … but I don’t like the evil around at hallowe’en and would rather we celebrated something else.

  5. Although I have posted quite a bit about Halloween lately, Deb, I can understand feeling as you do. We enjoy it as a kind of community event. We live in a very family-oriented neighborhood, for the most part. But I do think there is a lot in Halloween that is pretty creepy. I did have a bottle of holy water in my pocket as we went trick-or-treating and I DID use it too. I may post about the worst realization of the night…

  6. ukok says:


    I was going out to a cheese and wine evening but my daughter was sick and so we had no choice but to stay in and pretend we weren’t in 😦


    What a fab idea about the holy water! Kids in our neighbourhood aren’t always good humoured, they want money, not sweets, and they have been known to throw eggs at houses if they don’t get anything at all!

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