So long, fair well, auf wiedersehen, goodbye…. or is it?

Edited to add – I’m going to try to discipline myself to take a blog break for a month (from the date of this post) to work stuff out in my head (and especially to discern my future blogging status) …. but please do check the comments box of this particular post if you want to stay in touch with me….if you just fancy a chat…. or if you feel inclined to offer advice or to share with me your own thoughts on how blogging has affected or impacted upon your life, whether that be by fair means or foul.

I don’t believe it does my soul good to spend so much of my life as a blogoholic. 4 years. 4 years. 4 years…. given over to this obsession that all too often affects me so deeply, personally, intimately. 4 years of obsessing…of talking about becoming, then talking about being a blogoholic….4 years of telling my children ‘just a minute’ ….’be with you soon’….. ‘just let me finish this post and then I’ll see what you want’….’oh heck, can’t it wait for a minute… can’t you ask your sister/brother to do it for you, I’m busy?’….’This is my ‘me’ time’….’I need to express myself’….’but I have friends online to talk to…..’…..’someone in America is having a crisis and they need me to ‘be there’ for them…..’

Except, I’m not ‘there’ in America for anyone anymore than I’m present to my children over here in England. Because while I am blessed by the cyber friendships that have taken root and have crossed the lines from the blogoshpere to real life….I can not continue blogging merely to ensure that those friendships remain consistant. I have real time friends that I don’t see in months/years and I worry more about keeping my my cyber friendships going than I do my real-time friendships….and more importantly, I have a family who need me. I am not a multi-tasker. I am rather serious by nature and if I can’t put 100% into something then I’d rather not do it at all.

Blogging is a huge investment of time for someone like me, for whom words and ideas don’t come easily. Even if I don’t post a word, I’m thinking about what to write…..what to write….what to write…I’m reading other people’s post’s (and usually wishing I could write half as well) and visiting so many blogs that there’s no time left for me to write anything on my own blog anyway….even if I could shake a thought out of this old brain.

It’s not about the numbers, but it is about the numbers, it’s not about the numbers/stats, but it is about the numbers….it’s not about the comments, but it is about the comments….I love blogging, I hate blogging, I love blogging, I hate blogging….how simple would it be to just click ‘delete blog’ and have done with it….

Wouldn’t you think?

Oh the bain of my life is indecisiveness….and yet, at last, I do believe I have made a decision. Now it’s time for me to start living again instead of reading about living or writing about living, now I am called to ‘live’. I have no excuses left. I have discerned that it is time to let go of this beautiful, confusing means of interacting with people I will likely never meet and yet who share so intimately in my life, and I in theirs (and I thank you for it). I have a choice to make, and I must make it.

Do I delete the blog?

I’ve been tempted to click the button, but felt I owed long time readers an explanation…though I’m not sure if this is one really.

Perhaps the blog will remain. There may be things I want to share at some future point and the blog has many hits on the archives, particularly relating to Catholic topics and perhaps that’s reason enough to keep it online…but then perhaps it isn’t ….and could I ever walk away from something when it would be so easy to be tempted back again?

I think the solution, for now at least, is to say au revoir, and make the decision about the blog later.

This isn’t the only area of my life that’s up for change and renewal. I’m letting go of a lot of personal commitments, a lot of my involvement, even in parish life. I feel the need to minimise, reduce, pair down and strip back everything to the barest bones of who I am and what I do and what my purpose is. My Credo Christian E-Card site will continue and I will continue to upload images to be used as e-cards – feel free to use it as and when you like. If you like. And if you don’t. That’s fine.

I’m very happy with the site and as you know, I used to be employed as a photographer and photography is a passion I’ve long since let go… and one which I suspect the love of which may be enkindled once more, in time.

I do also have an anonymous and private blog to use as a journal of sorts. Comments are not allowed on it, and I don’t write anything there with any frequency. I may never post there again, but then there is no pressure, no self- imposed pressure, because it is anonymous and private. It isn’t anything I devote any time or thought to. But if I ever feel the urge to dip my toe in the blogospheric cyber-sea once more, I shall do so there, where no one will be any the wiser.

But for the most part, I have come to the end of the blogging road because I am watching my children, growing older, growing (possibly) away from me emotionally, preparing in these next few years, to take flight from the safety of their home to brave it on their own.

Will I really have done my best by them?

Will they be as well equipped to face their future as they might otherwise had been, if only I had devoted more time to them?

I don’t want them to think of me as someone who tapped away on a keyboard at every spare moment. Who was so self absorbed in a spinning whir of ‘bloggin’ that she forgot to look up and notice how her children needed her for now, right now. Because some things just can’t wait.

If I ever thought I needed to discern a vocation, then I now realise that I don’t….because I already have one. If all that I ever am is a mother, then I am called by God, to fulfill the vocation to which I am called, and personally, I can’t think of anything better than to sacrifice my wants, to look after my children’s needs.

Some people can do both. Have a life and a blog. For me, there is an indistinguishable blurring of the line and somewhere along it I began to think that blogging was about living. I began to think of life as being ‘bloggable’ …for me, that inidicates a problem in my way of thinking. Making life happen so I can blog it…what’s wrong with that picture? Rushing life away so I can blog about it….

How much of my children’s lives have I already missed, while staring at the computer screen and trying to melt into a world that would take my cares away if only for a little while? Well, I can’t undo what’s been done, but I can and must refuse to miss out on any more of their lives merely because I can’t control myblogaddiction.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you, most sincerely, for your friendship and support these past 4 years. You have, and will continue to have a place in my heart and a prayer on my lips, for you and for all whom your heart holds dear.

I won’t make you any promises. I may not comment on blogs, for my own sanity and so that I am not drawn back into this neglect of my loved ones I can not say that I will see you in the blogosphere. I am available on email however πŸ™‚

For now, and until I know not when, I must then say au revoir

God Bless you.

P.S. the Christmas Card Competition will end this Friday 9th November rather than the following week. I will notify the winner by email on the 10th November.

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57 Responses to So long, fair well, auf wiedersehen, goodbye…. or is it?

  1. Christine M says:

    Au Revoir Deb. I’ve enjoyed reading your blog and seeing your beautiful pictures. I wish you the best in your life and in every future undertaking.

  2. warren says:

    I think you should stop blogging for a set period of time, as a minimum, and then return only if it really is a benefit.

    I see lots of people waffling all about this. I just like to quote Master Yoda: “Do, or do not do. There is no try.”.

    God bless you Deb, you’re a wonderful person, and I do think that blog or no blog, God will continue to richly bless you!


  3. Melanie says:

    God Bless You, Deb! I have enjoyed reading your blog and looking at your pictures the last few years. You often gave me much to think about — and I wish you & your family all the best!!

  4. Joyce says:

    I hate that you will no longer be blogging. I’ve just recently found you and I absolutely love the debates over Catholicism, your thoughts and personal insights into your life. I, too, love being Catholic and it is so nice to find others like myself. I am with Warren, I would love for you to post things when you feel it would be of a benefit to others. Best of luck to you and your family. Please know that you will be missed!
    Love & Peace,

  5. KC says:

    I will miss reading your blog, but I understand your reasons. May God continue to bless you and your family.


  6. Mimi says:

    I totally understand, Godspeed my friend. And, do keep in touch via email, ok?

  7. Judy M. says:

    Good bye Deb! I will miss you but I completely understand and support your decision. I just found the world of Catholic blogs about one year ago and I have grown so much in my faith by reading about others’ faith. Yours was actually the first Catholic blog I discovered. However after about 5 months of reading blogs sometimes for hours at a time, I realized too that I was neglecting my children, husband and home. I can’t imagine how those who write blogs do it. They are obviously better at multi-tasking than you or me.
    I have limited myself to reading just a few blogs each week and now rarely comment on any blogs (that just draws you in further).
    I too have wrestled with the reality that there comes a point when you start living a life in faith rather than just keep reading (or writing) about it. My prayer life has suffered in some ways since I started reading blogs, even though I discovered new devotions, I didn’t have the time to pray them!
    Our children grow up with or without our attention. We are called to live our lives in our own families and not necessarily on the blogosphere. While I know Catholic bloggers have an essential role to play today, I too have a role to play and for now that is as “mother”.
    Thank you for sharing your faith, your life and family. I do hope you keep your blog up because you have a tremendous amount of useful information on it. God bless you and your precious children.


  8. Blogging is a black hole, indeed. Deb, as the mother of two sons who are now grown and moved away I say – quit the blog and spend whatever time you can with your children. You will never get that time back.

    I will miss your blog and your insights and your beautiful photos but your children are a million, trillion, gazillion times more important than your readers. The blogosphere may be poplulated by real people but it is NOT the real world.

    I fully support your “return to the world at large.”

    God bless you Deb!!!! You are in my prayers!

  9. barbszy says:

    God bless you! Know that you will be missed, and I admire your courage for stepping away from the blog for the sake of your family.

  10. Esther says:

    Oh Deb,you will be missed! However, you give quite compelling reasons for quitting. Something that all of us moms should consider.
    God bless,

  11. Melody says:

    Deb, I have enjoyed your blog and will miss it. But I understand why you are stepping away from it for the time being. You are right, spending time with your kids is more important. I have thought about doing a blog; I think it would be fun. But I haven’t done so because with a full-time job; married, with family and other responsibilities, I simply can’t afford the time it would take. Maybe later.
    I have appreciated your blog because you are always kind, even when you don’t agree with someone; and you don’t spend time nit-picking about trivialities.
    Good luck with your future endeavors. I will keep checking back at your Christian e-cards site, I really do enjoy your pictures. God bless you!

  12. O says:

    We’ve already spoken and shared so you know where I am and what I think and the decision I made (what I’ve already done). My love across the pond to you. See you in the emails.

  13. Therese says:

    I too will miss your posts Deb.

  14. ukok says:

    Thanks very much to those who have commented. Isn’t it always the case that when one makes a decision they are wracked by doubt as to whether they have made the right one!

    I am stepping away for now, and I am taking Warren’s – and an anonymous (to you) friends – advice, to not be hasty and instead, take a break.

    So as of now, I’m taking a one month break from cyberspace, to gather my thoughts on blogging and other matters, and we’ll see where it leads. If I can not return with only light blogging and without the detrimental side effects of it, then I shall stay away completely. Hopefully I will be able to be more in control and less neurotic about it….I know it sounds bizarre, but because I’ve said I’m going, I feel that I should follow through….I hate reading blogs like mine where the author says they’re leaving , then they’re not, then they’re leaving, then….you know what I mean I’m sure. But it’s me that needs adjustment, not the blog, and that’s the thing that I need to get my head around. The blog isn’t the cause of the problem, my neuroses and addictive personality are the cause of the problem. Is this all too far out for you or do you ‘get me’?

    What think you all?

    I’m particularly concerned that so many of you mention the photography. I do like to post it and I do want to give you access to it too. I know that if you are anything like me, you’ll forget about the E-Card site and then you won’t get to see the images.

    Torn is the word.

    The other major concern I have with bloggin, is that I am not really much of a blog commenter. Is it acceptable to blog and not to leave comments on other blogs? I don’t really like that idea. I want to blog, but I don’t want to spend 4 hours visiting up to 40 or 50 of my cyber buddies blogs on a weekly basis – and to leave coments on them all takes a very long time.

    But if I blog only for me, and don’t comment, I will be percieved as antisocial.

    What say you?

  15. AutumnRose says:

    I think boundaries are perhaps the key. There is no way I can visit 40 blogs on a regular basis! I would never get to work for a start πŸ˜‰

    I do link to quite a lot of blogs, as I think it’s good to publicise others, but I rotate the ones I visit. I never read more than a few a day, and if there are days when I just don’t have time, then I don’t beat myself up about it. There are boggers I feel closer to than others, and I do spend more time commenting on thier blogs…that’s only normal, I think. We have aquaintances and we have friends irl, and there is a difference. I think that every blog will have it’s ‘regulars’ and its occasional visitors. I know I value my occasional visitors as much as my regular ones, and I NEVER think badly of someone who just pops up from time to time. I accept they probably have more constructive things to do.

    I don’t know if any of this radom waffle is helpful, but I do think it is possible to blog and have a good work/life balance too, if we can but maintain the boundaries! God bless you whatever you choose to do πŸ˜€

  16. Renee says:

    Well, Deb, I could have written your post. I have thought it over, and taken frequent brakes. So far I have just drastically cut back, on posting and visiting, thus my late arrival here.

    E mail is the solution to my problem for now. And snail mail. Getting a letting is so much, way better than getting a comment on a blog.

    Anyway, you mean much to me, and are one of the reasons I haven’t quit yet. So we’ll see.

    Your family deserves your time and attention. Time is fleeting. Seize the day!

    You know my e-mail, so do n’t be afraid to use it, okay?

    Love to you, peace to you, and take the best of care!

  17. logtar says:

    Everyone goes through this on their blogging walk… the key is to learn to juggle and be patient like everything in life.

    Blogging should always provide something to you and not take… if it provides an outlet, friendships then it is good, if it is taking away from your time with family or job or whatever, then it is bad…

    The way I juggle is that I blog on down time, late at night or when I need a mental break… it is a huge outlet for me and also therapy… as far as reading I use RSS and only devote time when something means something to me…

    Take a break, don’t delete anything… even if you don’t comeback your words will be there for others to read… authors don’t burn their books when they stop writing or have writers block.

  18. O says:

    I think that at the end of the month you will know what to do. I think you know in your heart now but a month may help to clarify the details for your mind. Peace be with you.

  19. We have to share the computer between 12 so time is limited..being manic-depressive i can sometimes post a lot in a short space of be honest blogging has enriched my family & friends relationships…God bless all the same..

  20. ukok says:


    That’s an excellent point about the book burning. Thanks for your insightful contribution in this particular combox.

    AR and Jackie,

    I notice, unless my eyes deceive me by looking at your archives, that you are both fairly new to blogging (a year or so) and wonder if perhaps that is the reason that so far you have managed to keep things in perspective and remain upbeat. I wasn’t obsessed in the first year or two either, but 4 years is a long time….

    On the whole, blogging has been a life enhancing experience on many levels (you want to see how long my Christmas card list is – just of blog buddies!), but there is a price to pay….pridefulness, distraction from real life relationships and events….weight gain ….because I eat and blog I have gained stones (plural), since I began blogging…come day go day cyber friendships….being exposed to objectionbable comments and posts about oneself, falsehoods of all kinds…shallow interaction and backslapping….

    To name but a few.

    The benefits may on the whole, outweight the negatives, that is yet what I have to decide. Can I keep it in balance? Can I come to it with a fresh new approach? Can I be disciplined ?

    I may never know.


    I suspect you are right, I hope you are right, but I may not be as strong as you. I do not have a disciplined bone in my body.


    Darling, it’s always, always, always a joy to read your posts, to read your comments, and just to know that you have enjoyed being a part of my life (real time or not) …. you are one of the few original blogalfriends that I started out with, that still corresponds with me and has, I believe, a genuine connection with me.

    And I so thank you for that.

  21. Maryellen says:

    I’m jumping in late here, but just as sincerely as your other online friends.

    I can surely understand where your’e coming from and it’s probably the right thing to do for now. My only request is that you not delete the blog, just enter a post saying “blog closed temporarily” . Many will come, read your lovely old posts and be blessed by reading them. You never know when a post from years ago is exactly what someone needed to see or read; also they can find the link to your e-card site from the blog months or years after you stop posting.

    Some people only post once a week or even less. Many take breaks of a month at a time. To ease your “withdrawal symptoms” perhaps you could discipline yourself to just one or two posts a month, even if just to point us to a new e-card.

    I’m not saying goodbye because I haven’t read every single post on your blog, or seen all your cards, so I’ll continue to come here even if my RSS tells me nothing new is posted.

    May the Lord bring you peace and bless you in your obedience. I think that’s what He wants from each of us most of all is Obedience. He will reward you for that.

    God Bless you, my dear.

  22. Elena says:

    Well Deb, I can understand what you are saying, but you will really be missed. Take care of yourself!

  23. Gabrielle says:

    Whatever you ultimately decide, Deb, just want to say it has been a pleasure to have read your blog, seen your photography, and gotten to “know” you and your family a little bit through your posts. Do whatever your heart and soul tell you, and know you have been a blessing to many.

  24. Libbie says:

    A blogging friend of mine coined the phrase ‘This is where I am right now’, which got shortened to TIWIARN, and it shorthand for blogging when you really just feel the need to keep your oar in and it’s not always very helpful or edifying to anyone.

    It can take over your life, and that’s a good time to walk away, even if only to show that you can. I’ll enjoy it if you return, but if you don’t, nothing will explode! πŸ˜€

  25. I hate it that you won’t be blogging because your blog has meant so much to me. As has your friendship.

    but to be honest it might be the only solution.

    If blogging is consuming you then there’s probably no way you can cut it back – in just the same way as an alcoholic has to cut out booze.

    I find that I’m reading more now that I’m not chatting (gmail) so much anymore – not sure that means I’m more available to my family though – but I am more visible because I’m not holed up here in my office.

    blessings as you work this out. God’s got a good plan for your life and He can – and will – guide you in all you do.

    hugs xx

  26. I’m pulling back from blogging as well.

    I have enjoyed your blog and your comments on my blog. Like you, I have a family that needs my attention. It is a delicate balance tho’ to take care of others and yet have a time and space to take care of your own needs to express yourself and to fly with other birds of a feather. You are one of us. We are one of you. Perhaps just for a season Ukok and we’ll look up and see that we are all flying together again.

  27. I only just started reading your lovely blog, and I have begun my own recently as well . . . I, too, have to keep balance as a wife, and home schooling mother of three, and other outside important things (Scouting and Church related things). No one in their right mind would skewer anyone for wanting to take a break, however long, from blog-space; it is a respectful move on your part. My blog is a sad sight as yet (as I try to figure out how to post things, set things here and there), but it is my hope it will grow into something a fruitful and beautiful as yours.

    I’m with the others, keep this blog here and put a “on break” post and stick to your break. I know I have yet to see all you have done here. If something happens you want to share, put it on a tablet by your PC and don’t post it until your break is over. Keep to your holiday, girl.

    I’ll recommend your needs to Our Mother when I pray.

    God bless!

  28. Deb, I would like to be understanding and supportive of your proposed decision but let me first give you my honest reaction. If you stop blogging I will go through a kind of e-grieving. smile. OK I know that’s selfish. I know your blogging is about you and not about me, but that’s how much I love your blog. Lately I have had very little time to blog. When I get to the computer I check my comments and I check your blog. That’s the truth. I have other blogs I like that I read regularly but, honestly, your is the only one I read every day. I’m only posting maybe 3 or 4 times a week now.

    If you follow through on this, where is your email address? I don’t see it on the sidebar and I don’t want to lose contact with you forever. Mine is .

    I will pray that you make the decision the Lord wants you to make. (In spite of my own personal preference. πŸ™‚
    If you can, I would recommend that you not delete your blog for the following reason. It contains a lot of family history and also personal history that might be very valuable to your children someday. It is a record of your life and even of their lives too. I think they might really cherish it one day.

    God bless you, dear cyber-friend, whatever your decision. Know there are people who love you in the United States. It’s true.

  29. Deb, I should clarify my comment lest you think I’m being dishonest. I said I read your blog every day and here I am posting a comment two days after your post. I read your blog every day I get to the computer to read anybody’s. When I read other people’s blogs yours is the first I go to. OK. (Yes, I am occasionally guilty of legalism too– tee hee) May the Lord guide you in all that you do, including your blogging… or not blogging.

  30. John Bowden says:

    Dearest Ukok, whether you continue to maintain the blog or not be assured that all the e-friends you’ve made will continue to keep you and the kids in prayer.

    I’ve found my blog to be something I use and not something that uses me. My blogging comes and goes and when I don’t feel like it I don’t. I use an online service called Furl ( to save items I’ve found online if I think I might want to blog about them later.

    So take your time making the decision . . . . my hope is that you’ll see this as a good thing.

  31. thanks for caring enough to stop by my place to day. This is horrible. Please pray for the families of the victims here in Finland.

  32. Hidden One says:

    Gak, all these people, already given every bit of good advice I have, and plenty besides… ah well. I’ve blogged little over a year, had it overwhelm everything a couple times… now I’ good. Much less visiting other blogs, particularly when i don’t actually have the time. And a few other morally-neutral Net addictions have been neutralized.

    God bless you in your endeavours, current and future, and your family, now and forever.

  33. ukok says:


    What a lovely lady you are, and you posted such a very insightful and thoughtful comment, thank you!

    Thank you too for mentioning about posts perhaps being what someone needs to read at any given time….it’s one of the reasons that I’m erring on keeeping the blog up, even if I choose not to return to blogging. There’s a lot in the archives about my conversion to Catholicism, my cult experiences, about how I left behind an abusive relationship etc….that might point someone in the right direction, and even if it only helps one person, then it’s worth it. Thanks for helping me to understand that.


    how sweet your words are, but I do not say this for flattery’s sake, but I seriously consider myself not to have been a blessing, but rather, I liken myself to a brooding cloud hanging over the blogoshphere! Bless your sweet heart!


    I like the sound of that TIWIARN! Or rather, I don’t like the sound of it, I like the name that has been given to the experience of it!


    If I decide not to return then please know that your friendship has and will continue to be, an important part of my life. I’m all the better a disciple, through having experienced the many cerebral contortions that your questioning, your search for understanding, has prompted. (((hug)))

    Kitchen Madonna,

    You write so well what my being would have said if only I hadn’t taken 20 minutes to write this original post and then clicked ‘post’!

    There does have to be balance, there does have to be time for one’s own enjoyment. I just need to discern whether I can enjoy bloggin and not be a slave to it πŸ™‚

    I have enjoyed getting to know you too, and who knows, maybe after a season we will indeed all fly together again πŸ™‚

    Journey of Truth,

    Love what you wrote about writing down ideas and blogging them on my return, if indeed there is one!


    You are such a darling. I wish I could swim across that great big pond that separates us and give you a very big hug….instead, I’ll just have to do this



    Thanks so much for your comment, it is reassuring to know that you will continue to pray for me and mine, and please be assured that you and yours will be in my
    prayers too. Furl sounds interesting, I’m going to go check it out….usually i just bookmark everything….but now my fabourites list is about 2 miles long and I can never be bothered to wade through it!


    The families of those who have lost their lives in this tragedy, remain in my prayers. I will put them on the prayer list at Chruch when I type the bulletin tomorrow too 😦


  34. ukok says:

    Hidden One,

    Thank you! We’re both online at the same time, else I would have added a response to you in the last comment πŸ™‚

  35. John Bowden says:

    A month is good! I like that. I’ve been absent my blog for a few weeks (well, not 100% but pretty close) because other things were simply more important. I think you’ll sort it all out. I wouldn’t be too hard on yourself BTW – while you may see your blogging as an obsession, others might see it more as a ministry! Take your time, give yourself a breather, and PRAY about it. Then you’ll feel better about whatever decision you make. +JMJ+ John

  36. Antonia says:

    I will definitly definitly miss you & your blog, but I also completely understand where you are coming from!

    God Bless

  37. ukok says:

    John ,

    you’ve given me something to think about, ministry eh? Scratches head and ponders πŸ™‚

    I will pray about it, for sure !


    check your email please, you won the Christmas Card competition! And as for the blog, I may not be going anywhere, I’m taking a month off to discern if I want to come back to it πŸ™‚

  38. Valerie says:

    Okay, sweetie. You’ve written every word that I’ve had floating around in my head for a long, long time. I’ve taken a break for awhile, too. But, I’d like to talk to you more about this via email, so when you get the chance, please feel free to send me a note. I love you!

  39. ukok says:

    Val, I’ve tried to email you twice, but I don’t think my emails are getting to you, I keep getting a message returned saying that your email addy is changing.

    Can you email me?

  40. Gabrielle says:

    “A brooding cloud hanging over the blogosphere”??? That must be “winter-approaching” talking…because I, and likely about four-hundred others, would certainly disagree! Have a good rest, Deb, but know you’re loved. Truly.

  41. ukok says:


    You raise my spirits more than you know, my friend. God Bless your kind heart!

  42. ukok says:

    Christmas Card Competition winner!!!!!

    Antonia is the winner of the Christmas Card Competition and the bundle of handcrafted cards have been posted this very morning. Thanks to everyone who participated πŸ™‚

  43. Pia says:

    Hi Ukok, I’m hoping it will be “arrivederci” (see you again soon), and not “addio”.

    Yes, Gab..she will be missed

  44. ukok says:


    Bless you and ‘arrivederci’!!!

  45. O says:

    Thinking of you.

  46. Jean says:


    I can’t believe you’re really leaving after all these years, but I can certainly understand why you need a blogging break. Your family must be your first priority.

    I will really, really miss you, as you are so special to me.

    You have helped me get through some rough times and have inspired me in many ways with your uplifting posts as well as your encouraging words.

    You’re in my thoughts and prayers. Stop by and visit me at Catholic Fire. Stay in touch, dear friend.

    God bless you, Deb!

  47. ukok says:


    You must not have had time to read the lengthy post or comments, this may not be permanent,my dear….. i’m just taking a month off for now. I’m back on December 5th and I hope to know then whether I’m going to be continuing or not. Thank you so much for your kind words though, they mean a lot to me!

  48. ukok says:

    Have sent you an email, my dear πŸ™‚

  49. March Hare says:

    Dear Deb–

    Real Life has been “interfering” with my blogging life as well. I tend to jump in with both feet into any new passion (rubber stamp art, photography, writing) and then sanity slowly returns–along with the demands of real life.

    Enjoy your vacation. I hope you find your balance. And, yes, the children ~do~ grow up way too quickly!

    March Hare

  50. thanks for the hug. Hope the blog fast has brought good rewards and a healthier balance for you and your family.

    blessings and love – I think I agree with John about this being a ministry though … in many ways more than the cards … because it’s been a safe place to explore what we believe and why.

    Take care πŸ™‚

  51. John Bowden says:

    From the U.S.A. Happy Thanksgiving to the ‘Ok’ family and all her readers and visitors. While it may not be Thanksgiving where you live it is the case, as we say at the Holy Mass, that “We do well always and everywhere to give you thanks.”

    Most of us have had enough experience in life to understand, to KNOW, that while we have free will God does work in all things — the good, the bad, the ugly and that if we make the choice to live our lives in Christ and with God that we will be able to see the blessing in each and every moment we are given. Sadly, I don’t make each and every moment count as it should, but gladly I realize that with each passing moment I have an opportunity to be closer to Jesus and Mary and that there is hope for me (and for us all!) yet.
    +JMJ+ John

  52. tx for the birthday greetings. You are a STAR!

  53. Deb, hope you’re doing OK. I miss your posts. Thanks for visiting my blog.

  54. Esther says:

    Aloha Deb:
    Thought I’d drop in the say hi. Hope things are going well for you.
    God bless,

  55. isn’t the month up yet? I’ve missed you …

  56. Renee says:

    Okay, by my calculations, your month should be up in, hmmm 4 hours. Missssssssed you!

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