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I’ve been tagged by the lovely Jennifer over at The Catholic Path. There were some rules, but I don’t much like meme rules and lost them along the way….so join in if you want to and don’t if you don’t….

1. After being a coffee addict for over 20 years I quit drinking the stuff two and a half years ago. I gave it up for Lent 2005 and at the same time got a nasty chest infection which affected my asthma really badly. By the end of Lent I couldn’t even stand the smell of coffee and never drank it again, even after I recovered. I don’t miss it.

2. I do not wear high heels or any shoe or boot with a heel over 2 inches (in fact, for me 2 inches is high!). Can’t abide them anymore. I find high heels hugely uncomfortable and I look ridiculous in them because I am a top heavy big girl and I look like I’m lunging forward when I’m walking…. like some dumb stereotypical cartoon character…or like a man in drag. Can’t be bothered.

3. I endure chronic daily headaches which means that I wake up with a headache every morning. It is a cross I would rather not bear, but have done so for about 3 years. I have been to the doctors, I am on regular medication. I worry that I rattle when I walk.

4. When I am watching a TV programme or DVD or Movie, no one is allowed to talk. No one. Except the characters.

5. I’m pretty intense.

6. I am rather overweight, but I don’t eat all the time and I don’t consume large meals or extraordinary amounts of sweet stuff or snacks. I eat lots of fruit and veg. I can not exercise due to the severity of my asthma, if I walk too quickly I need my inhaler. Not all fat people stuff themselves all day long. I get annoyed that people think we do.

7. I was seriously ill about 7 and a half years ago. The aftercare I recieved when I came out of hospital was astonishingly poor and as a consequence I now have little confidence in Doctors (no offence Antonia) and I rarely visit them anymore, even when I think I might need to. In my own experience, I feel that appointments are always hurried and that patients are often viewed as an inconvenience, referrals are rarely given until the doctor has been badgered into it etc (even when it is necessary and the results of having done so prove this to be the case).

8. I am opinionated. And people don’t like it. But I don’t care. As I get older I find that I am getting more opinionated than ever. I still don’t care. It’s actually rather refreshing having an opinion and not being afraid or intimidated into not using it. By the time I die I may well have become a thoroughly obnoxious individual. And I don’t know that I care about that either.

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5 Responses to Stuff about me

  1. Holly says:

    You would hate to watch a movie with me 🙂

    Number 8 had me thinking. I know people do become more opinionated as they age because they are set into routines and have a long time to establish ideas, etc. I also wonder if today the internet is playing a part, and whether the current generations will become opinionated to the point that we’re all going to end up completely obnoxious by the time we reach our senior years. There is group polarisation of opinions (I think that’s what its called. Been a few years since I studied psych) which is about how we change our opinions after spending time with others. If a group of people sharing an opinion get together then the individuals slowly drift towards extreme opinions (I because you get so much postive reinforcement for your opinions that it just grows and grows). If we have an opinion slightly to one side of a spectrum and we spend time with others who share that opinion to an extreme, we become more extreme too. If I recall correctly, it can also work similarly if we are exposed to opinions of the opposite extreme. We become so turned off that we go to the extreme on our side.
    In the non-internet world we are exposed to all types (in theory) and so we probably don’t get too much of a chance to be exposed to extreme opinions and we are more moderate in our ideas. But the internet lets us find people that share our thoughts very easily and we can cut ourselves off from differing ideas.
    So yes, I think we are all doomed to be assholes vilifying each other!

  2. mimima says:

    It is great to see you posting, and good to know more about you.

  3. Jennifer says:

    Thanks for playing…and didn’t you get a headache giving up that coffee? Maybe with daily headaches you didn’t notice.

    I find that if I don’t drink a coffee at supper or after I wake up with a headache…sometimes a full blown migrane. It’s terrible being an addict. But I am thankful it isn’t anything worse than caffeine.

  4. Antonia says:

    hey! No offence taken! Some doctors are rubbish and boardering on neglectful, and you’re right, many dont bother caring for their patients at all.
    Sorry to hear you had such an awful experience.

    I hope to be a better doctor than that, you can come to me!

    God Bless

  5. ukok says:


    a very interesting comment!

    I’m opinionated in real life too 🙂 I think it definately has to do with my age. I have always held back in my 20’s, in my 30’s I’ve become aware that my feelings and thoughts matter just as much as anyone elses, something I had not previously believed. As I approach my 40’s (just 6 months to go) I’m of the belief that time is short, is precious, and I have a voice that I should not be afraid of using it so long as I do so in a manner that is appropriate and that reflects my beliefs.


    Thank you!


    I wouldn’t have noticed really, because I have the daily headaches and fairly regular migraines too.


    You are going to be a fab doc. You are genuinely nice, I’m sure of it even though we’ve never met. You have your patients best interests at heart. I’m sure most doctors do, but perhaps due to the demands made of them, they become more singularly minded about time constraints and meeting budgets and deadlines.

    But you my friend, are awesome and you have the potential to be the change that you want to happen!

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