A Week of Wierdness

Reading the searches that lead my blog visitors here never fails to entertain my alarmingly depleting grey cells. This week people got to my blog via such searches as;

  • diseases and Wax double dipping
  • sex middle ages
  • foolishness of annulments catholic
  • abortion from babies perspective
  • doing holy communion
  • sexual union with Satan
  • pleace eat me
  • hot flushes when on thyroxine
  • dead people in caskets

These are all  absolutely genuine searches and that is what makes most of them truly wierd…..things that make you go hmmm….

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One Response to A Week of Wierdness

  1. Yikes i don’t think i’ve had anything like that..miond you i did have the trads secularists & atheists come to think of it! lol

    Must put your link back up!

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