About a boy….

This happened a couple of weeks ago while I was on a blog-break, I was tempted to break the blog-fast to ask your prayers but managed not to. Though I did write about what happened, in draft form, to share with you later on. Like now….

Ring ring, ring ring…

“Hello?”, I say

“Hello is that Wonderboy’s mum?”

I gulp.

“Y….E….S….”, I tentatively say.

“There’s been an incident at school this afternoon….”

Heart sinks further.

(18 months at this school and there have been numerous calls home about incidents, accidents, my son being bullied)

“What exactly was the incident that happened this afternoon and how is Wonderboy?”, I ask, worriedly.

“Well, it seems that a boy just walked up to Wonderboy and without any provocation or conversation whatsoever, the boy smacked your son across the face with a ‘twig’ and it scratched his eye and face and he may need medical attention because we’re quite concerned about him, could you come and get him?”, said the rather too cheery voice on the other end of the phone.

“So Wonderboy didn’t do anything, he was minding his own business and he was struck by this other boy?”, I ask, puzzled.

“Yes, the boy has admitted that he did it because he just ‘felt like it’.

Well the upshot is that the twig turns out to be a branch from a tree that the school caretakers had left laying around….the scratch turns out to be an upper lid cut accompanied by grazing diagonally from below left eye to hairline above right side of face…and oh yes, a blackened, swollen eye.

A mad dash to school to collect Wonderboy

and then on to the local walk in hospital and a 3.5 hour wait to be seen by hospital staff followed

We’re told that Wonderboy is extremely lucky that he blinked at the time of the incident or he could have lost an eye or even have been blinded.

Other boy, supposedly excluded for 3 days.

The week before this, the crazed young fellow who hurt my son was excluded (apparantly) because he hit someone, differing reports have said that he used a brick on that occassion.

I was told by school staff that the boy has ‘problems’.

You don’t say.

Well that’s all right then.

Or rather, no it is not.

After a clean up, on our return from hospital…


A day later and the bruising is beginning to show and Wonderboy still has head pain, and soreness around the eye area.


Really, what good is a suspension for kids displaying aggressive and antisocial behaviour? For a lot of kids, a suspension from school is like being given an extra holiday, that isn’t a punishment, it’s a reward.

I’m seriously miffed.

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14 Responses to About a boy….

  1. AutumnRose says:

    You have photos as evidence, so you could take this to the police as an assault, if you felt that was the right thing to do.

    Hope he’s feeling better soon xx

  2. Antonia says:

    Poor Wonderboy! That looks painful. Thank God his eye wasn’t damaged.

    Hope the other kid gets sorted out…it does sound like he has serious issues.


  3. barbszy says:

    I agree with AutumnRose. This is an assault and should be reported to the police. If this child has a history of attacking others, he might need something beyond a few days of suspension to help him get past that.

  4. Therese says:


    We changed our daughter from our local Catholic School to a local public school in the last term this year because of bullying and exclusion. There were several incidents over the year that we thought the school handled very badly. I also think that Autumn Rose and Barbszy are right. Take it a bit further and really give this boy and his family something to think about.

  5. John Bowden says:

    Ouch! That looks like it really hurt. I hope it heals correctly and that he doesn’t have any long-term ill-effects. I’ll put him on my rosary list. I’ll have to add the “bad boy” also, I’d say he needs it far more than Joseph, but I’ll leave it to God to sort out.

  6. mimima says:

    Ouch! I am seriously eye squeamish, and this icks me out. Poor Wonderboy.

    As to the other boy, how does that happen? Intensive prayers for all involved.

  7. warren says:

    I think you should ask to speak with his parents.


  8. O says:

    My wife, a 20 year public school teacher helped develop an anti bullying program that was awarded major funding by the province (one of three schools) and that is being tested for use across the whole province. To date the school has received none of the money which is being held up by the head office of the school board which is attempting to find a way to take all the credit. Already some of the money has been diverted or so we have good reasons to think and my wife who was recommended by her principal to lead the program locally is being overlooked in favour of some idiot (oops, did I say that?) that the board may bring in from outside.

    Oddly, this is another kind of bullying and the victim is not my wife but each child in our district.

    O onionboy.ca {arts & fath} luminousmiseries.ca {faith & art}

  9. Joyce says:

    We still administer corporal punishment in our schools here in Texas. Also, the bully would have been expelled for at least 3 days and then probably spent at least 30 days in an Alterntive Education Program plus you could still file assault charges against him.

  10. ukok says:

    Thank you all so much for your helpful and supportive comments. I think in this instance the matter is at an end and I do not want to take this further at this point, but if the boy takes it further with my son and assaults him again, then he’s going to find the police on his door step most likely.

    Once, again, thank you.


    That is appalling! I’m so sorry that your wife is not being invited to participate in the programme that she had so much input in creating during the last 20 years. To work so hard, to see it coming near to fruition and to have been excluded at this stage, is indeed a bullying of sorts, by adults who should know better!

    (((hugs for your wife)))

  11. Oh i would have been fuming!

  12. It is important you keep the photos and the hospital record (and the school’s suspension decision) just in case this boy assaults another boy (not necessarily yours) because he obviously needs professional help. This can’t at all be easy for the teachers and staff (or the parents either) and it may be that your complaint can tip the balance for him getting help and everyone else getting a respite from this kind of terrorism.

    my thoughts go to everyone involved, and my prayers for the boy. His mind and heart must be in really bad shape to do this sort of thing. Lord in your mercy reach him!

  13. Valerie says:

    Deb – You may recall that my daughter went through a lengthy period of verbal bullying, and unfortunately, the emotional scars remain with her to this day. I’m offering you a bit of unsolicited advice, so please don’t be offended. Silence will only encourage this kid to continue doing what he is doing. If you don’t feel like filing a police report for assault, then take the pictures you have posted to the next school board meeting and let them know that you could sue the school for not not keeping your child protected from this other kid, and that you expect them to take care of the situation or you will take matters into your own hands and take the photos to the authorities. Believe me, school board official get nervous when they hear the words “sue” and “authorities”, so hopefully they will take care of the situation. In the meantime, keep your ears open for any more attacks by the boy, and keep it documented. I am so sorry that you guys had to go through this – I know the pain of it all too well.

  14. ukok says:

    Valerie, that’s good advice. I’m so glad I took the photo’s! God forbid this type of thing happen again, but I will certainly be taking pictures of any other injuries he may sustain. I am unsure of how or even if to use them at this point, but I will think about it.

    I did recall your mentioning previously about the bullying your dear daughter endured. Children can be so very cruel. I wasn’t bullied to any great extent, and it wasn’t physical particularly, but I still carry scars, I dread to think of the effect on my son, of the bullying he has endured.

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