No, I’m not referring to the much eaten  cheese preserved in red wax and cellophane, I refer instead, to my pooch.

Yesterday morning I took her to the vets and left her there all day while they operated on her to remove the lump that has grown with alarming rapidity,  near to her breast. The lump was successfully removed and has been sent away for testing.  I may not know if it’s cancer or not until after Christmas.  But we’re not going to dwell on that right now.

We have to go for a post operative check up on Saturday and then next week she has to have her stitches out, but so far she isn’t on pain relief and hopefully it will stay that way!

The really good news is that she came out of the anaesthetic well (it’s always a worry with such tiny dogs as Bella, that they may not survive) and she seems to be okay.  Well, when I say okay…she was very groggy, confused and more than a little cheesed off at me for making her go through the operation!

This is miss snooty, she wouldn’t look me in the eye, because she was so seriously miffed with me…


And as if it weren’t bad enough that she was avoiding eye contact with me, she turned her back on me completely ….


but then she just wanted lots of reassurance that I still loved her and came up really close for lots of hugs and kisses…


…and finally, she even showed me how brave she was. I’m sure in this picture she is thinking,

‘look Mum, see my stitches? aren’t I a brave girl!.


Thanks for your prayers to St. Francis on Bella’s behalf, please keep them going!

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One Response to Babybel

  1. mimima says:

    Oh, poor thing. Prayers.

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