Home Made Christmas Cookies


Continuing with the theme of Christmas gifts, I must say that getting creative is one of the best ways I’ve found of minimising the cost of Christmas and of giving a gift which is very much appreciated by the recipient.

I was watching shopping TV recently (I’m not perfect) and on it they had a set of small scented and decorative candles that retailed at about £35 plus £6 post and packing. Now by my reckoning it worked out at £41 to have them delivered to my door and the presenter was suggesting giving one of the six candles to each teacher that teaches your children.

Well maths has never been my strong point but that would be £6.83 per gift wouldn’t it?. Just who in their right mind would spend that much money on anything other than one or two extra special teachers? What if a person has more than one child? Gosh how expensive it would be!

My daughter is in her final academic school year and next September she starts the college at the same site. But though she is now 16 years old, she still likes to give gifts to her teachers at Christmas time, and to make hand crafted Christmas cards for them. So we decided it would be a savvy thing to do to make gifts rather than buy them!

We did cheat a bit because life is hectic right now, especially with the dog having her operation right on top of Christmas, so we bought some packet cookie mixes that were on offer for £3 for all the 4 packets we bought. After baking them we allowed them to cool and then we put them into some cellophane bags which cost only pennies each, and finished off the gifts by adding a Christmas tab on the top of each bag and writng a Christmas message on each of them.

The whole lot couldn’t have cost more than £3.50 to make and we made 7 gifts (and we ate the ‘spare’ cookies)..by my reckoning that meant that each gift cost 50 pence each to make (if we’d have baked the cookies from scratch it would have cost even less!).

Not only was it a big financial saving on what we could otherwise have spent if we’d have gone Christmas shopping for a present for each of those teachers, but my daughter has had such a wonderful response from all the teachers who she gave them to, they were all so touched that she went to the trouble of handmaking something just for them!

There’s still time to copy this idea to give as small gifts to your neighbours or store them up for  unexpected visitors over Christmas!

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3 Responses to Home Made Christmas Cookies

  1. Antonia says:

    very creative & yummy idea!

  2. Does anyone know the exchange rate to dollars?

  3. They look really yummy and it is a wonderful idea. EVERYONE appreciates gifts that are homemade.

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