Blessed is the man… – Credo Christian E-Card


It’s my 90th E-Card!

To send this E-Card or to view my other E-Cards please visit

Credo Christian E- Cards

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4 Responses to Blessed is the man… – Credo Christian E-Card

  1. O says:

    How is that going for you, the whole Credo Christian E-Cards thing I mean? I’m curious.

  2. I would be interested to know too.

    Also, how do we know what Jesus looked like?

  3. ukok says:

    To be totally honest with you Credo Christian E-Cards is just kind of buzzing away in the background. I don’t worry about it, I rarely even think about it. If I take a photo I think can be used, then I upload it there, but otherwise I don’t stress about it. There’s been a few thousand cards sent since I started it just about 3 months ago, which considering I’m probably on the last page of a google search for Christian E-Cards, ain’t half bad as far as I’m concerned! There’s been a good few thousand viewings of the cards too, which is good of people to take the time to view them.

    Like me, unless there’s a real good reason to send an e-card (an important event or occassion) people generally don’t bother to use E-cards and because Credo Christian E-Cards is not mainstream or using flash animation cards, my site is never going to be immensely popular.

    I don’t mind about that though because I’ve recieved some really positive comments via email, via the blog and via real life, in which friends and acquaintences have made their feelings known that they appreciate the service I’m offering then so that’s just about all the reward I need, just to know that people are enjoying giving and recieving my E-Cards


  4. O says:

    Sounds perfect my friend.

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