Take One Box…

I’m a spontaneous crafter.

Sometimes I just see something and think, ‘I can do something with that!’ 


I tend not to think things out.


I’m a very hands on crafter.

If I can’t find an appropriate tool for the job, I improvise. Surely that’s why God gave me ten digits….to stick my fingers together while working on a midnight craft project?


It all looks like crap for a while, but then you slap on a bit of sparkle and everything looks better…


Almost done….


…and what do you know….

Pretty storage containers…or gift boxes to be filled with goodies for a friend?

The boxes are pretty, don’t you think?

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3 Responses to Take One Box…

  1. They are lovely! You are so clever. Thanks for sharing.

  2. mimima says:

    Wow! I’m such a planner even on my crafts, it is so neat to see that you freehand and have it come together so amazing. You have a great eye!

  3. Antonia says:

    Yes, they look fantastic!

    Thanks again for the cards you sent me; I sent them all to my relatives in Italy who LOVED them! Cards aren’t used so much in Italy, so to have HAND-MADE adorable Christmas cards from England…they were blown away!

    My grandmother’s sister (about 86yrs old) said she is going to bring the card to a paper-shop in her little village in Italy and show them, and ask why they can’t sell anything as nice as that! (I’m not joking! She is lovely but a little kookie!)

    So all the cards were much appreciated! Thank you again!!


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