Bloggin’ Blessin’ Success!


(click on the above image to send it as an e-card)

I began the ‘bloggin’ blessin’ only a little while ago on the 19th December and by my reckoning it’s reached hundreds and hundreds of bloggers up to this point. In the early days I followed the journey of the bloggin’ blessin’ and it was incredible to me how quickly it caught on and how enthusiastically it was both given and received by bloggers.

Lots of people chose to drop parts of the original outline (naming more than 3 people for example) and chose to add on different bits instead (naming 10 people or more!)…. not all who participated chose to let me know they had been blessed or had blessed others, but for one who is usuall pretty anal about such things, I have not been in the least little bit concerned about that.

The bloggin’ blessin’ has stretched all around the world, it’s been received by christians and non christians, yoga devotees and out and out athiests. The bloggin’ blessin’ has been a post topic for 400+ bloggers. Some have taken the time to email me or have left comments here to let me know they have been participating.

Almost half of the bloggers who have participated thus far, have used the image I originally uploaded for the tag… and almost as many have sent is as an e-card from my Credo Christian E-Cards website (the bloggin’ blessin’ image is at the top of this post and it’s free to send as an e-card, just click the picture).

It’s been so much fun to read how fellow bloggers have expressed their appreciation for their online blog buddies and it truly has been a very rewarding experience. Thank you all so very much for taking part in it, I know it continues even today, winding its way around the blogosphere, and that’s really quite something. Who knows, there may just be something else in the pipeline?

For those interested here is the original ‘bloggin’ blessin’ post for anyone who missed it first time around. I hereby open it up to anyone who cares to bless their cyber buddies….ie, you no longer have to wait to be tagged …well, go on then…. what are you waiting for?

Long may the lovin’ continue…now go and let your fellow bloggers know that they are appreciated!

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5 Responses to Bloggin’ Blessin’ Success!

  1. Esther says:

    I’m very happy that this was so successful Deb. As one of the original ones who doesn’t know how to follow instructions (actually, I do have trouble in that area), I am really happy that for the most part, most bloggers did. 🙂

  2. Anamika says:

    Hi. I got blessed too. And I did a post about it 🙂

  3. ukok says:

    Esther, thanks! I have something else in the pipeline too, I’ll be sure to let you know about it at the right time 🙂

    Anamika, I’m going to visit your blog to see the post – thanks for stopping by to let me know 🙂

  4. rjde tzsru says:

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  5. 924s says:

    Cool site. Thanks!!!

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