Whoopee…it’s a Sister Act!

I’m very pleased to say that a short while ago I had the pleasure of having another of my photographs and a (very) short article printed in our diocesan newspaper ‘Catholic Today’. This time it was  about Sr. Mary Felita our parish sister….who was chuffed to bits that her photo had made it into the Catholic press all around our extremely large diocese!

Click to enlarge the article.


The only negative about the whole thing was that the editor failed to include my name in the piece (I need a humility smackdown no doubt) …. but after contacting him to enquire about the omission he very kindly responded, writing;

“Dear Debbie

Thank you for your email in which you express your concern that your photograph and accompanying text were not acknowledged in Catholic Today.

You are correct in that this was an oversight, our policy is to, wherever possible, and unless requested to the contrary, acknowledge photographer and writer, of any given piece or article.

Thank you for expressing your concern and for sending in an excellent photograph with accompanying text.”

Can you spot Sister Felita?

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2 Responses to Whoopee…it’s a Sister Act!

  1. Mimi says:

    Congrautlations! It’s a lovely photograph and a nicely written article. Many years to Sister Felita

  2. ukok says:

    Thanks Mimi, Sr. Felita’s joy at having the photo in the newspaper was well worth any effort on my part – though you wouldn’t believe me if i told you how naughty the sisters were….you can see the head of a semi-hidden nun in the photo – the nun had been to the toilet and when she returned she realised we were going to take the photo without her on it, there was no time to pose the nuns for another photo as Mass was about to start! Not my best pic ever!

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