Day 2 of the Novena to St. Joseph


Today is the second morning of the St. Joseph novena. Read about the novena in a previous post which can be found here.

If you aren’t yet praying the novena with us, why not think about joining in? You can start the novena at any time, just remember to continue with it for 9 consecutive mornings and ask God to hear your specific intention….whether that be to find work, for the wellbeing of a sick relative, to find a spouse, to move house, to have an increase of patience with your children etc…

The novena prayer you need to pray each morning is here.

It’s actually very short and won’t take more than a couple of minutes maximum.

It would be great if you could let me know in the comments section of any of these posts if you are participating in the novena too. You may want to write briefly about what your intention is, but you are under no obligation to do so. I will pray for your intention anyway.

God Bless you

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8 Responses to Day 2 of the Novena to St. Joseph

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  2. Gigi says:

    Hello, my husband and I found our “forever home” The only thing is that we must sell ours in order to get that one. We have a contract on it but ours is not selling right now. We need your prayers because we have come to find out that someone else is interested in our “forever home” too. We have to sell ours fast. Please help us. Thank you for all your kindness. Gigi

  3. ukok says:

    Gigi, you and your husband will be in my prayers. Through the intercession of St. Joseph may your prayers be answered in Christ Our Lord, Amen.

    Be blessed this Christmastide!

  4. Gigi says:

    Thank you so much. I put all my faith in St Joseph and our dear Lord. I pray everyday. So does my husband. Have a blessed New Year to all. Gigi

  5. Gigi says:

    We have been praying everyday and still nothing. Our home has been on the market since Dec 7th. We cant stand this anymore. Its so hard for us. Isnt there something else we can do? Its just not working and I am losing the faith. Please help us? Amen.

  6. ukok says:

    Gigi, i can appreciate how frustrating this must be for you. Many people in my country of England have been unable to sell their homes for over 12 months or more because of the state of the economy and people not haveing as much money to buy. Under 3 months doesn’t seem so long really, but i understand that it must seem like ages. Perhaps other things you might try are using a different are switching to a different estate agent/realtor or reducing the price to attract interest, alternatively perhaps you could ask the Lord to reveal to you if and why he wants you to stay put where you are for now?

    Sorry i can’t offer more help but i really don’t know much about buying and selling houses, i have never been fortunate enough to purchase one of my own.

  7. Delwin says:

    please let me know more about st.joseph

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