Easy Money Maker

Want to do some fundraising for a worthy cause, but can’t think where to start? In December my Mum, a member of our parish Union of Catholic Mothers, put on a Christmas Coffee Morning to help raise funds so that our parish UCM can donate to charitable causes throughout the coming year.


As a parish UCM, we’re also hoping to send a disabled child to Lourdes in 2008, so any fundraising is always a good thing, but especially if we can all have a good time while we’re doing it! Hence, the coffee morning!


Mum provided the venue, the majority of the nearly new bric-a brac, the raffle prizes and food…. I contributed some unwanted new gifts (it’s called present recycling, I do believe :-)) …. a shoe box full of handmade cards and bookmarks and I volunteered myself as waitress of the event. Between us both (and Dad helped a lot in setting everything up and lost’s of other stuff too) and with the help of the 13 or so ladies in attendance, we managed to raise over £100 GBP within the space of 2 hours.


Everyone had a great time, some members of our UCM even telephoned afterwards to thank Mum for her generosity and her warm welcome. Especially important was that absolutely everyone left with a prize, ate their fill of mince pies and left in good spirits after a jolly good chin-wag!

Sr. Felita was a welcome visitor, and I must tell you I took my dodgy camera with me and could only snap a couple of pics while handing out cups of tea at the same time….and that is the ONLY reason why you can’t see her smiling in the photo below, because Sr. Felita ALWAYS smiles, bless her!



Even if you don’t want to raise funds specifically, hosting a coffee morning is a great way of making friends and being sociable, why not give it a try?

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One Response to Easy Money Maker

  1. Sounds like you found a way to put the FUN in fund-raising 🙂 Great job!

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