Senseless Celebrity

I try not to allow myself to get too hot under the collar about the world of ‘celebrity’. But what kind of a world is it where football players can command a six figure weekly salary to kick a pigs bladder around a pitch for 90 minutes? What kind of world raises the kudos of fotballers, of mediocre musicians and so called ‘A’ list actors, to the level of ‘god’ and ‘godess’.

The real ‘hero’ work isn’t performed on a stage or in a sports arena….the real life heroes are those who work in the emergency services, who are confronted daily by life threatening situations , protecting us and our loved ones from those who would do us harm, rescuing us from burning buildings, giving us emergency treatment to save our lives when all looks lost. Real life heroes are those who draw no attention to themselves but give selflessly of themselves for the enrichment of the lives of their fellow man. But heroes aren’t only those who have the knowledge and resources to save our bodies because there are also heroes who give just as much attention to caring for our spiritual welbeing too.

I am so tired of senseless celebrity.

In particular with people who are especially wasteful with the wads of cash their musical naffness ‘earns’ them. Oh I know theres a lot to be said for Bono and Bob’s adventures to use there celebrity to strive for an end to world poverty. But it’s just not enough. I don’t understand why millionare bands don’t do their concerts for free in thanksgiving for the support of those who put them where they are or why bands dont donate the revenue from their ticket sales to charity …..such things only ever seem to happen when theres a televised concert and the band can get extra coverage.

And what of those who have enormous talent and throw it all away through drink or drugs?

How many great role models are there in the media today? I know there must be some, but time after time our newspapers are filled with headlines about the squandered talents of some emerging megastar….in the UK lately it’s all been about a doped up Amy Winehouse crack smoking herself into an early grave or how some not- all-that-hot footballer mastered the art of really ‘playing away’ while engaging in a little extra curricullar ball playing.

I firmly believe that…

” to whomsoever much is given, of him shall much be required”

(Luke 12:48)

I know that I misuse the gifts that the Lord gives me. I have nothing of which to be proud either. May God help us all to be good stewards of the many blessings we receive.

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4 Responses to Senseless Celebrity

  1. Scott says:

    I am sure you found the readings at Mass today particularly on point 🙂 The topic being humility and all… Zep 2:3; 3:12-13 1 Cor 1:26-31 Mt 5:12a

    I know I sure did!

  2. Maggieclitheroe says:

    Oh please don’t quote that one, it always makes me feel soooo guilty! The thing is that these people have been given nothing really, they have nothing spiritual in their lives, and all their wealth can’t bring them happiness. We are the ones who will be judged if we squander all the rich spiritual gifts we’ve been given, especially those of us who are Catholics, and know we have been given the Fullness of the Truth – arghhhh I’m digging a bigger hole for myself, better get off and prepare for Lent, BIGTIME!!!!!

  3. ukok says:

    Oh but they have MC, they have.

    It’s an enormous responsibility they have, after all they have the potential to lead the youth of the day one way or the other. How many have idolised pop stars and football players, seeking to emulate them. How many drug taking stars have given the impression to young teens that it is cool and glamerous to use illegal substances to escape the ‘pressures’ or their lives?

    Of course we Christians have a responsibility not to squander our gifts, but we can only harm ourselves,and by consequence those around us while those in showbiz have the potential to lead far more significant numbers astray.

  4. Senseless says:

    Of advance we Christians accept a albatross not to squander our gifts, but we can alone abuse ourselves,and by aftereffect those about us while those in showbiz accept the abeyant to advance far added cogent numbers astray.

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