Rowan…Row your boat…far oh far away….

Quickbeam of Fangorn – who’s interesting username I first read as ‘Quick Beam of Angor n’….recently asked in the com box:

Sorry to be off topic, but since your a British convert I was wondering what you thought about Dr. Williams comments on introducing Sharia law into British society. While it appears your country is getting quite a few Polish Catholic to help stop the bleeding I don’t know if it’s going to be enough to prevent Islam from becoming dominant.

DO you think the Holy Spirit will bring about a Catholic resurgance in British society?

Thanks for the question Quickbeam of Fangorn.

As many of you know, I’m not the fount of all knowledge, that would be (it’s true. Everytime my kids ask a question I don’t know the answer to, my response to them is ‘Google it’) but I am rather an opinionated person so here’s what I think, in brief.

Dr. Williams needs to prescibe himself a cask of guinness, a party hat, a small boat, one oar (well, it should be a bit difficult for him to row the Tiber don’t you think?) , a life-jacket, co-ordinates to Italy via boat and a land map with the Vatican clearly marked on it with a big red ‘X’.

Oh, sorry that wasn’t really so much an opinion as my personal advice to Rowan…hmm, let’s see if I can answer the question properly now;

In response to Dr Williams comment during an interview with a BBC correspondent, he is quoted as saying;

” there’s one law for everybody – I think that’s a bit of a danger”

Now, no offence to my anglican blog buddies, but my response to that is that it’s fairly ‘typical’ of Dr. Williams to say such a thing really isn’t it?

This is the C of E to which we refer, division is in their very nature. They’re (the anglican church) so loathe to offend anyone that they accept just about every shade of anything and everything. They’re always wishy washy, always to be found sitting in the grey area, always playing it safe by being everybody ‘bestest friend’.

Whether political or religious, I believe that people want their ‘leaders’ to be unambiguous…..I know I do, and I believe that people the world over do too. My feeling is that eventually the C of E will splinter themselves into so many tiny pieces that they will cease to exist at all.

And not before time if you ask me.

If I were Rowan I’d be planning my great escape from the sinking ship that is the Church of England.

It’s another post in itself, and I’ll save further elaboration for later, but in response to Q of F’s closing question I would have to say that as far as the resurgence of Catholicism in England goes, I would have to say that I do indeed believe that there is the potential yet, for a great movement toward Catholicism in this great country called England. The real question however is, are we ready for it?

Feel free to discuss this between yourselves in the combox or alternatively you can always let the Arch of Canterbury know what you think…because he really, really, really wants to know…honest. Look – here’s proof!

If he doesn’t email you back by the end of the day, you might want to think about contacting his superior, the Head of the Church of England – the Queen. I urge you to be patient if waiting for a response though as it does say on her blog, er, website that she’s a wee bit busy arranging her 80th Birthday celebrations right now, so you might just have a bit of a wait.

I do have it on good authority however (The Documentary: The Monarchy) that her Ladies in Waiting (who are unpaid I believe – they serve for the mere thrill of working for HRH)…do try to write ‘personally’ to those they deem deserving of a response…

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11 Responses to Rowan…Row your boat…far oh far away….

  1. mum6kids says:

    I just shake my head. What IS this man on? Okay, so he is making a political move to neutralise his fellow (and now police protected) bishop for saying it as it is. But this?

    I would love to believe there will be a Catholic revival here in the UK. If there isn’t-Islam will fill the void, I can’t see what else can can you?

  2. ukok says:


    Do you have a blog? I’d be very interested in visiting it if you do 🙂

    I have faith that England will see a revival of Catholicism. I truly do.

  3. Not as bad as the ECUSA , offshoot of the C of E.
    Anything goes here…and things that the C of E frowned upon and rejected not so long ago.
    I ‘swam’ the Tiber, one reason being…there was nothing definitive and everything was welcomed….just what the post was about.

    Will there be a revival of Catholicism in the UK? I in the USA can’t answer that since we here are just beginning to deal with a serious lack of priests in the future. We will be facing the fact that the ordinary layperson will be leading Communion Services after having the elements consecrated earlier by a priest. If you come to mass here, you will see priests from other countries celebrating. The older cradle Catholic is not ready for that at all.

    Both here and there,Revival of Catholicism may not be in numbers, but may be in the hearts of the Faithful, making them stronger witnesses of their Faith by living the Beatitudes ‘sine cera’.

    Allow me to say, though, that one thing I do miss are the ‘smells and bells’ of the Anglo-Catholic mass, the fine old architecture. And the boy choirs in cotta!!!! Children who could actually SIGHT- READ music and sing musically, obviously enjoying the classics. (oh they would go back to the dorm and play hip hop too, they weren’t all that fuddy duddy! LOL)
    I do miss some elements of the C of E…ECUSA.

  4. mum6kids says:

    Yes, it’s
    Thinking Love No Twaddle.

    Don’t know why it doesn’t automatically come up on my name-but it doesn’t.

    God bless

  5. John Bowden says:

    The fundamental problem of course is that faith, once diluted by relativism, is difficult to render as it was. The CofE and the ECUSA are both experiencing what I can only call the Great Dilution (as opposed to the Great Deluge) wherein virtually all semblance of their Christianity will sink beneath the one size fits all Church.

    As for a Catholic revival – God’s grace flows out upon us all and we either accept His gifts or we don’t – but it’s never too late!

  6. BJ Buracker says:

    Great post and comments about this. The C o E is in serious trouble. What I don’t understand is that if Williams supposedly wants peace and unity within the Communion, then why is he poking his head into legal and Islamic issues? Shouldn’t he focus on Christianity and his own denomination?

    I’m convinced that not only has he lost touch with the foundations of his “faith” but also with his people and tradition. It’s depressing.

    I’ve written about this here, in case anyone is actually interested.

  7. ukok says:

    Teresa, I concur with you that the revival may well be in the minds and hearts of lapsed Catholics, but I also believe that that any enthusiasm for the faith is a type of evangelism, one that can spread, like it has in my own family. First it was me looking into ‘catholicism…then my kids wanted to journey along with me, a couple of years later my mother became Catholic, then a year after her conversion came my Dad’s (an agnostic/atheist for 65 years)….whole families are being converted and I know that my family’s story isn’t an isolated one. Who knows where it will lead?

  8. ukok says:

    John, I’m giving you a vitual ‘high five’ in my incredibly uncool and ungracious way!


  9. ukok says:

    Hi BJ, thanks for sharing your thoughts. Much appreciated

  10. BJ Buracker says:

    My pleasure. I appreciate your input on mine, as well. I look forward to reading more over here.

    Blessings in Christ.

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