Sit down sit down sit down sit down, sit down you’re rocking the boat….

So far so good on the Lenten sacifice.

I’m not doing so good spiritually though. It’s been over 2 weeks since I attended Mass and recieved the Eucharist. And don’t I just know it. As I’m much recovered from my recent illness and the children are now on the mend, I hope to get us all to Mass and Confession this week. I also think I’m going to look into attending one or two weekday Masses henceforth at the Catholic Church down the road from me as it’s far more practical than driving through town to get to Mass at what I consider to be my home parish.

The only negative is that the parish down the road is very child orientated in the weekdays as it is connected to a primary school which means that the ‘songs’ (I wouldn’t call them hymns) have about 10 verses each and there are tambourines…

On the upside, it is a very entertaining Mass at the parish down the road….the amusing thing about the parish priest is that the last time I attended Mass there he spent 10 minutes interrogating the children on their theological knowledge of the epiphany. Yeah, make ’em sweat I say. Who cares if half of them were still wearing nappies (diapers). Apparantly there was a sharp diocesan intake of breath when Fr. V was assigned the parish as he is very much a ‘brain’ and not a particularly child orientated priest!

Still, if he can bear the tambourines and gesticulating sing a longs then I dare say I can, and afterall it will get this fat old ass to Mass more regularly.

God Bless!

p.s. Can you tell I’ve been watching Guys and Dolls this evening!

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2 Responses to Sit down sit down sit down sit down, sit down you’re rocking the boat….

  1. Rachel says:


    I just discovered your blog, quite accidentally. I love it! I, too, am a convert to Catholicism. Just wanted to let you know I enjoy your blog, your faith and your sense of humor!

    Rachel in Atlanta, GA. USA.

  2. Rachel says:

    Oops, I forgot to mention an interesting commonality…my ties with English Catholicism. The Saint I picked to be my patron is one of the 40 English Martyrs, St. Margaret Clitherow. My ancestry is English, Scottish, and Irish so I felt a real kinship with the English Martyrs when going through RCIA, back in 2002. I was born in Southampton, NY (the first English settlement in New York State) which is sister cities with Southampton, England. My mom’s family are the Herricks, who arrived in Southampton, NY in 1653. They are descended from Sir Robert Herrick the English poet. They are also from a long line of Presbyterians (from the Scottish side). So, I thought it fitting, when I crossed the Tiber, to align myself to the British Catholics by choosing my patron from the UK.

    Thought those were interesting tidbits for a British Catholic to know.

    Rachel in Atlanta, GA. USA

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