Pretty in Pink


Gosh and darn it.

During Lent I try harder than ever not to be as shallow as a petre dish, but well, I’m sorry…. I just love this pink nail lacquer and  had to share it with you because well, because I like it!

I was in the bank making a routine transaction recently when the lady who was seeing to my enquiry, the first thing she said as we sat down was,

‘Oh my goodness, you have lovely nails!’.

It made my day because I have struggled really hard to grow my nails and for years I’ve had horrid flaky, peeling nails that never grew more than a bit and only recently have I managed to grow them to a reasonable length and now I just love to paint them and I curse them when they split, snag and tear off (which is often). But I won’t stop trying to grow them because I am a vain sod.

Besides the seeming superficiality of this post, it did made me think that if a passing compliment from a total stranger can make me feel so good,  with a little effort I too could make other people feel great about themselves. So why don’t I do it more often?  It really doesn’t take much effort to tell someone that they’re looking great or that you admire something else about them, does it?

…and here’s my payback because just to prove that pride truly does goeth before a fall….just a I was parking my car at Church recently I saw a friend walking over toward me and too hastily reached across the passenger seat to wind the window down (I have an old car, no electric windows) and it ripped one of my oh so pretty pink nails almost completely off! There was even blood.  Yep.


Still, that is one fine nail colour don’t you think? And the other 9 nails look justfabulous darling!

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8 Responses to Pretty in Pink

  1. Joanne says:

    Yes that it a very pretty color!

  2. Alexa says:

    It is indeed a pretty color, Deb! I sometimes do acrylic nails because I cannot grow my own out. It’s pointless for me. And they HURT when they break! (both real and acrylic!)

    I don’t think it’s vain to enjoy something like that. It’s when all you think about is your nails and I know you don’t do that!


  3. TO says:

    They’re gorgeous, Deb. I bit my nails for 27 years so in the past 3 when they actually look nice, I thoroughly enjoy showing them off – Lent or otherwise! Enjoy yours too!

  4. Very pretty!! I play guitar so I can’t grow my nails past my fingertips; polish like that is wasted on my hands. Enjoy your pretty hands, and the reminder that a little compliment can really make someone’s day.

  5. Cathy Keller says:

    Well, just because you have nothing else to do but paint your nails, you’ve been “tagged”! Drop by and see how…and yes they are very pretty!!

  6. Jennifer says:

    They are wonderful and I like that colour. I get told often at work by the residents I have wonderful nails. I also get told by management they are too long and to cut them. LOL.

    I used OPI nail envy on my nails and it made them very strong and don’t peel anymore. I have not had a nail break in probably almost 2 years now, and you should have seen how freakishly long they were when I was off on sick leave.

  7. Antonia says:

    OUCH!!!!! That does sound VERY painful!

    But I agree with the others; they ARE beautiful!

    One trick for growing thicker stronger nails…cut them short more often. The more frequently you cut them, with nice rounded edges, the thicker and smoother they grow.

    Alternatively, perhaps you aren’t drinking enough milk (calcium can help with healthy nail growth) if they are thin?

  8. ukok says:

    Antonia, I think you are right about cutting them often. It’s like keeping ones hair in good condition isn’t it? Cutting it regularly helps to maintain it 🙂

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