Catholic Blog Awards 2008

As of today the Catholic Blog Award Nominations are open. I have mixed feelings about the awards because frankly I find the perpetual nominations somewhat predicatable and boring. I’m with Adoro and Cathy, there really are some fantastic little Catholic blogs that don’t get 1,000+ hits a day and that are authentically Catholic and a jolly good read. I implore you to please consider carefully who you are going to nominate and subsequently vote for. I’ll be honest. When I see the same old blogs nominated (and often winning ) it kind of all becomes a bit  ‘predictable’ , its the same *faces* year in and year out.  Only our votes can change that.  The predictables are very well established and have an excellent readership already so if you enjoy a lesser known blog, please share the good news and nominate them! How else will anyone get to know about the smaller Catholic blogs if we don’t back the outsider?

Your vote counts! Support the underblog!  I know I am going to!

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10 Responses to Catholic Blog Awards 2008

  1. I agree with you. But I think most of the blogs don’t post for the traffic, so I don’t see it as a real issue.

    If what they say is worth while, then those that need to read it will get it.

    I can’t tell you the number of times I’ve ended up on someone’s blog and have absolutely no idea of how I got there or what topic I was reading before.

    Perhaps the heavy traffic blogs could however have a 30 day temp blog link for blogs they’ve found that they think their readers would enjoy.

    That would spread the wealth a bit I think.

  2. ukok: Let the revolution begin!

  3. Julie says:

    Well said! Small Catholic bloggers of the world with lots of Spirit…UNITE!

  4. ukok says:

    QBOF, no, I didn’t mean to suggest that anyone enters for the traffic, but if all the traffic is channelled to well known and populated blogs, then how do the smaller blogs get any recognition. Speaking for myself, it doesn’t matter for me, I’ve been blogging for years now and have more than enough reward in the interaction and discussions that take place in the com box or inbox…..but I would like to see lesser known recipients being nominated and winning the awards.

    Julie and Cathy,

    Yay for the underblog!

  5. Cathy Keller says:

    As a “neophyte” in blogging circles I didn’t even know there were Catholic Blog awards…Funny, I don’t blog for awards, though I have to say they are wonderful affirmations of peers. Would I need an award to blog? No. I just love traveling through the world, meeting and sharing with those who embolden and affirm my faith…God bless you all!!!

  6. ukok says:

    Cathy, I don’t blog for awards either. I’m one of the least competitive people I know and i’m not about to start worrying now about whether I’m anyones number 1.

    It is often said by bloggers that the competition is just a bit of ‘fun’ but i happen to have it on good information that many of those bloggers who claim it is a lighthearted affair are also those whose noses get put out of joint when they don’t win!


  7. Valerie says:

    Deb – Yes, I have heard, too, that some bloggers who say it doesn’t really matter if they win, then are upset when they don’t. I agree with you whole-heartedly that there should be some “new-blood” within the nominations, which is why I am planning on nominating you! I also love Jean at Catholic Fire. I am a bit tired of a couple of the more well-known others – I have left comments at their sites repeatedly, and one has never visited and the other has only commented once or twice over the past two years of my reading blogs. Makes me feel like I’m not worth the time of day. So, I gave up and just stopped reading them entirely.

  8. ukok says:


    I think we’ve both been stung by those who have gotten a bit to big for their boots haven’t we? I think some of the people who dropped me lilke a lead balloon were the same as dropped you.

    I can’t tell you how much it means to me that you write with such praise about my blog and I am honoured that you would even consider voting for me. I’ve never been very big on competitions, but I feel so touched that you would do such a thing for me.

    As you said, you have given up reading some blogs because of their blatant neglect of yours, so I have too.

    I look back occassionally at the archives of my posts over these past almost 4 years and the same few people who were always in my com box in the early stages of my blogging have now nothing to do with me at all. I tried to continue with the blog buddy thing with them….I continued to leave comments on their blogs even when they didn’t even acknowledge them, but then these ladies became acquainted with the ‘Big Gun Bloggers’ and seemed to have little time for anyone who wasn’t scoring big hits and referrals.

    Well it wasn’t just that, I spoke out on it in my blog posts, not naming names, but they knew who they were. They didn’t like what I had to say. I got dropped quicker than a hot brick.

    (((you on the other hand have been a steadfast buddy, and I appreciate our friendship very much)))

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  10. Valerie says:

    Yup, I’ll be your steadfast blogging buddy for a long time to come. And thank you very much for your beautiful Easter card!

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