Shredded Love

If you read my spouse journal post (somewhere below) last week you’ll be aware that for some time now I’ve been contemplating destroying it. My mind was already pretty much made up but your comments on that post really helped to finalise my decision more swifly and so despite the precariousness of simultaneously shredding and shooting photographic evidence at the same time, I somehow came away with all my digits after obliterating my Spouse Journal this afternoon!

This was the will she won’t she moment ….



But when this girl makes her mind up about something she’s not for turning…(which is the only similarity between Margaret Thatcher and I )


Thum there is pieces of my hearttfelt prayers and yearnings.

Bizarrely, without any premediation whatsoever, the particles seem to formulate a frown and have me for a moment wondering if I made the right decision after all….


But once I start, I just can’t stop…I love shredding!

And what do I got at the end of it all?

I got me some…



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5 Responses to Shredded Love

  1. Alexa says:

    I wonder how many people besides me tried to “blow up” the picture to see if we could read any of that top photo??? Nosy nosy, aren’t I! LOL

    At least I’m honest.

    See? Good thing you shredded it!

    Pretty nails.

  2. Mimi says:

    Shredding is fun, isn’t it?

    And, my friend, thank you so much for the lovely Easter card! May your Feast be Blessed and may the light of the Risen Christ illumine you and yours!

  3. Cathy Keller says:

    That was some large journal. Whew!!! How do you feel now?

  4. ukok says:

    Alexa, you are so funny! That was why I made the image so small, cos you’d all be having a right laugh if you could read all the ‘thee’s and ‘thou’s!!


    So glad you got the Easter card, it’s a tad early, but I didn’t want to forget!


    The pages were A5 and there were only about 40 of them, the rest of the shredded stuff was till receipts and invoices and household bills! Can you image if I had written a spouse journal with that many pages in it to fill that shredder…. LOL!

  5. mum6kids says:

    Shredders should be in every counselling room. It’s just so therapeutic.

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